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Daily Bullets (Dec 16) – Parallels of the Liberty Bowl, Mike Gundy’s Holiday Spirit



Bowl season – and this creepy face shot of Urban Meyer – is here.

This or That

The Liberty Bowl is kind of intriguing and kind of not – so many things to go back and forth on with the New Year’s Eve game.

This is a surprisingly good game, that is if Oklahoma State decides to show up. I can’t tell with this team this season. But it’s a Big 12 vs. SEC game, but it’s also a battle between former Big 12 foes. Missouri has a quarterback in Drew Locke who should be in the discussion as one of the top QBs in the 2019 NFL Draft. I’d love to get at least a little bit of a look at OSU QB Spencer Sanders, but that seems unlikely. [HCS]

If you told me the Spencer Sanders era was about to begin…. must-see TV. Locke vs. Cornelius could be fun (if passionate/engaged Cowboy team shows up). Playing the SEC is fun but there’s a little fatigue playing an old league-mate. I’ll be watching but I’m not sure the CFB universe will be hanging on every play.

Chief Human Officer

Mike Gundy is a quote/publicity machine, and he’s as Pat Jones likes to say “dumb like a fox”. Sometimes his commentary seems unnecessary, sometimes it’s a hit for the program. And sometimes he comments on things and we’re better off for hearing his thoughts – like these comment on Purdue’s cancer-fighting superfan Tyler Trent.

“Some people in life don’t get dealt the hand that we all expect them to, and it’s extremely difficult, so I think we’re all responsible for trying to make it better for those people,” Gundy said. “Purdue and coach (Jeff) Brohm, they’ve done an unbelievable job of making his life and his days much better, so I really enjoyed the 5-minute conversation I had with him and his mom and dad, and he said he would cheer for Oklahoma State, so that made me happy.” [NewsOK]

OSU and NCAA Notes

LA Times on the growing trend of players skipping bowl games….First world-problem but sometimes players get regifted with bowl prizes….Liberty Bowl a top-15 bowl to watch per USA Today….Cowboy Football roster now lists 20 college graduates….Zac Robinson breaks down Kyler Murray’s pro potential….HCS ranks their top ten Big 12 games of 2018

It’s wild that even losing games has you better off in rankings systems.

You just love to hear stories like this – where folks use the opportunities that athletics provide them and use them for a better life. Congrats to Mr. Carter. After watching the last Mississippi season of Last Chance U, this one is fun too.

Brodrick Brown’s mildly impressed by this.

Keenan Brown – the former Poke – headed to the league after a whale of a year in San Marcos.

ESPN’s no. 1 recruit committed to Oregon yesterday – you just know Arroyo had something to do with it.

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