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Daily Bullets (Dec. 20): Necessary Football Recruiting Point, A Wonderful Shane Illingworth Comparison



I’ve been looking forward to this Christmas break off like OSU is looking for a running back commitment.

Bullets Rundown

• Recruiting declines in Stillwater
• Illingworth = (great OSU QB of the past)
• Line classes stacked up

OSU Bullets

• It’s not fun to chew on but Signing Day hasn’t been the most exciting time for Cowboy Football fans.

Never once has OSU been higher than fourth in the Big 12. Never once has OSU finished in the top 25 since it last won a conference championship.

Never during that span has OSU won a conference championship.

And therein lies the problem. Oklahoma State appears content with pulling in middling talent, trying to win 8-10 games, hoping its under-the-radar talent will outperform expectations. It’s all stagnated. Signing day graphics are the same. Recruiting philosophy is the same. Nothing has been tweaked to try and improve recruiting and get more talent on campus. [PFB]

As an OSU fan, it was a thrill to think about how winning all of these games should, could, or hopefully would lead to OSU landing better and better talent as their profile increased.

I think that’s the perplexing thing: OSU hasn’t recruited better talent across the board. You look at the 2017 and 2018 classes, there are some dudes. But you’ll notice that a majority of the dudes have more stars by their name.

• This was fun – four-star quarterback signee Shane Illingworth drew a comparison with the last great Cowboy quarterback to come through town.

“There’s two schools that I think you would do very well in,” Justin (Bales – Illingworth’s uncle) told his nephew. “That’s Mike Leach’s offense at Washington State, and the other one, Shane, you’re a Mason Rudolph clone.”

Big body, strong arm, similar movements in the pocket. It’s not a reach to compare the two.

Former OSU offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich — who coached Rudolph — must’ve seen some similarities, too, and began recruiting Illingworth last year. [NewsOK]

It’s a blast to watch Spencer Sanders make dynamic plays with his feet but watching a statue drop dimes all over the field in the pocket is a blast too.

• Marshall pointed this out in the PFB roundtable yesterday as well but this is the healthiest offensive line room Oklahoma State has had in quite some time.

“Overall, this is like our fourth year in a row of a solid offensive line class,” OSU coach Mike Gundy said Wednesday.

“We went years where we were struggling. Once we get out there in August, we’re going to have a number of offensive line guys and (strength and conditioning) coach (Rob) Glass is starting to churn them through the program. You’ll start to see the benefits of that probably within this year or the next year where you get young guys that are developed.” [TulsaWorld]

Josh Henson came in and refilled the depth chart, ripe for a seasoned vet like Charlie Dickey to mold into a unit.

Pretty cool logo here OSU used to wear – not sure I’ve seen it before either

• Big 12 teams in the top three of this list with a Cowboy bowl game (that you might not guess) made the top 25

• JayVeon Cardwell (defensive back who redshirted this year) is headed home, transferring to UTSA

• Along with Mason Cox, Codey McElroy is one of the wilder Cowboy Basketball walkon stories

Non-OSU Bullets

• A great holiday Christmas song ranking (assuming you reverse the rankings)
• I like this idea – you’re not procrastinating, you’re waiting until you have more information
• Finished this fiction read earlier in the week – super entertaining. Sci-fi but more about how people deal with fame than anything

I’ve got no clue what to make of this new Christopher Nolan movie (see below) but it looks like Inception had a cousin and this movie is it


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