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Daily Bullets (Dec. 25): Ollie Gordon Returns, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from PFB



Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all of you Cowboy fans – may all the Sooner faithful get lumps of coal

• What a gift – Ollie Gordon is returning for another year in Stillwater (PFB)

• Talking gifts – here’s a list of the gifts the Cowboy Football players can choose from for making the Texas Bowl:

Among the gifts that the players received were AirPods, Roombas, Ninja appliances, BioLite fire pits, Mammoth coolers, Blackstone Griddles, Coach wallets, and Smart TVs. [On3]

• It’s hard to find many Cowboy fans not willing to agree to this Christmas wishlist: 

It would be nice if (Santa Clause) brought OSU a winning Big 12 season and then a surprisingly deep Big 12 Tournament run. That way the good man coaching the Cowboys could keep doing so. [Sellout Crowd]

•  Not surprising – the Pokes were the most aired Big 12 team on the major networks from 2016-2022

Non-OSU Bullets

• This is good – local dad is excited to see what his kids got for Christmas this year. Not untrue in the Mandeville family household this morning. • I’ll not never not read this on Christmas – just drop the blanket (faith-based) Some pretty solid holiday tweets:

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