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Daily Bullets (Dec. 29): Offseason Questions Around OSU Staff



Good morning. Thank you for reading the Bullets. Here’s a 10% off link for our 2K Maple Cowboy shirts. Hoops at 1:30. 

Bullets Rundown

• Offseason Questions
• Collin Clay News
• Rutgers Rumors Persist

OSU Bullets

Jenni Carlson writes here that OSU’s future has question marks that have nothing to do with Tylan and Chuba. Good, interesting piece with a lot to think about.

• KB had some really interesting Collin Clay news here. PFB+ only (subscribe!)

• Sean Gleeson didn’t exactly put a nail in the Rutgers rumors!

• The plus-one system would have been better than the playoff. 2011 = the year that keeps on giving.

• Marshall Scott previews the final basketball game of 2019.

Good stuff here on Ice’s return and why four (punch “totally arbitrary number” on your Gundy BINGO card) pieces have been missing from OSU’s puzzle.

Berry Tramel says OU is no closer to solving their CFP problem, which feels like it might be a Big 12 problem in the future. Related: The Big 12 is now 0-3 in bowls.

• Game of the year last night was Ohio State-Clemson. Still astonished at what I watched. Felt like the title game. I hope the actual title game is half as good.

• I was thinking this during the game. Herbs is unbelievably good.

• Holy smokes.

Non-Sports Bullets

Slow is relative.

• How did I not find this before Christmas?!

• Here’s my most recent sermon at Mosaic Richardson. Poured myself into that one, would be grateful if you listened.

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