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Daily Bullets (December 23)



Battle of the Systems

OSU runs what’s dubbed a “smash mouth spread” and they’re taking on the best of the other world defensively.

Oklahoma State vs Virginia Tech is the most intriguing game to watch in terms of this struggle between modern college defenses and the vertically oriented smashmouth spread. [Football Study Hall]

For those interested in strategy, it’s a must read piece¬†outlining how OSU and West Virginia are a different breed of spread – not one fixed on the pass like Mike Leach’s air raid. Virginia Tech is in a school of defense that focuses on stopping the run, making them an interesting pair.

Tax Attorney/Athletic Director

OSU deputy AD Chad Weiberg reached out to Berry Tramel about a clever tax plan for season ticket holders.

Weiberg said OSU has reached out to fans, letting them know that there could be tax savings if they donate between now and Jan. 1. For instance, buy tickets three years or so in advance. Make the donation now, buy the tickets later, get the tax deduction now. [NewsOK]

Tax attorneys will be busy for years figuring out all the ins and outs of the new tax reforms but the loyal and true ticket holders have options to be ahead of the game.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Catch some draft evaluation on Mason Rudolph….How OSU football splits up scholarships among positions….Pokes are bringing in some tall receivers….Baker Mayfield and Mason Rudolph are both headed to the Senior Bowl in Mobile….The Big 12 is back to owning Texas in recruiting….Is Clemson college football’s new dynasty? (not yet)

This guy has the best graphics. Get this on a polo shirt!

It’s mashin’ time!

Jalen McCleskey’s pops is joining the college coaching world.

This is like the polar opposite to the historic Woody Hayes interference – coach interferes unintentionally and nailed for it.

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