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Daily Bullets (December 27)



Slowing the Train

Virginia Tech coach Justin Fuente is planning on stopping the Cowboy offense in a familiar way.

“They’re showing up to score points in bunches and it’s an impressive thing to watch at times.”

So how do you slow down that potent offense?

“Hopefully you’re efficient offensively. Hopefully, you win the field position battle. You try and make them one-dimensional as possible and hold on,” Fuente said. [Orlando Sentinel]

Let’s all take one guess and what game film Fuente must have just finished watching? My guess is the opponent name rhymes with Shmorned Flogs.

Motown Hope

Barry Sanders has at long last embraced his role as local hero in Detroit.

He has always kept to himself. Didn’t mind evading the spotlight, even as it sought him long after his career was over.

But his team never forgot him. Never stopped trying to rope him back into the corral. Never forgot the adulation he generated for generations of fans.

In recent years, he’s been migrating back a little. And this year, he made it official, signing on as a team ambassador, to mingle with fans and corporate partners and the athletes themselves.

And his popularity hasn’t waned. This year, Hallmark announced it was producing a keepsake Christmas ornament in his honor, just the third for an athlete in his beleaguered city. [NewsOK]

In a day of showy, self-consumed athletes, the soft-spoken legendary running back would be a great role model for kiddos. Now to get home to Stillwater for recruiting weekends…

OSU and NCAA Notes

College football’s best plays of 2018….A 2018 Cowboy non-conference opponent is listed as a potential playoff crasher….ESPN’s Jeannine Edwards (AKA Mrs. Glenn Spencer) is retiring….Cowboy receivers will reload just fine in 2018

CBS loves them some Pokes.

Rickie just feels like he’s about to rip one off.

Playing football, paying for school and filming gems like this.

Congrats to one of PFB’s best on starting a full-time gig!

These get me every. time.

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