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Daily Bullets: Everybody’s picking OSU this weekend

Dez cannot be thrilled, new Pete video, photos of the OSU big rig, and who are you buying and selling?




I think this is correct on this weekend: for the SEC, it’s just another Saturday. For the Big 12, it’s way more. (ESPN)

You mean Gundy’s secrecy didn’t fool Dan Mullen? Crap, what are we gonna do?! (NewsOK)

Here’s the helmet Mississippi State will wear on Saturday. (CBS Sports)

Berry Tramel says OU fears OSU more than Texas. (ESPN Austin)

I’m excited for the “Blake Jackson can catch” era. (O’Colly)

Gundy is likely not thrilled about OSU being one of only four teams from the BCS conferences to play its first two games on the road. (Tulsa World)

Max Olson says OSU’s OL and Jeremy Smith have a lot to prove. (ESPN)

Mississippi State has big offensive linemen. Man, we need some games! (NewsOK)

Ryan Simmons was born in Germany. (Tulsa World)

So, this interview with Evan Epstein about this year’s team is really interesting. (Oklahoma State Sporting Blog)

Kieran Steckley says OSU has arrived because of the quality of its opponent in the first game. (O’Colly)

I shouldn’t link to this because you guys are going to start expecting crazy long previews like this from me but this preview of this weekend is good. (Cowbell Tolls)

Thursday night games are beneficial for the Big 12. (NewsOK)

“Platoonic relationship.” (Tulsa World)

Thurman Thomas talking Barry Sanders with SVP. Click. (ESPN)

Uniform podcast from yesterday is pretty fun. (PFB)

I think technically the NCAA doesn’t think Manziel lied, they found him guilty of basically “not trying to stop these autographs that were being sold without his permission” but yeah, Dez can’t be happy. (O’Colly)

Chelf as the most important player of 2013. Ehhhhh. (NewsOK)

The best of the offseason from Football Study Hall. OKC Dave with a number of submissions. (Football Study Hall)

Yeahhh, this is not great (why crazy Pete?) (Flickr)

Football Outsiders predicts Texas as its Big 12 champ. I do too. (Football Study Hall)

I like this concept of a post from Brendon Morris: who are you buying and who are you selling. (Rivals)

ESPN’s guys pick OSU this weekend. (ESPN)

Some interesting comments from Jeremy Smith here on how the preseason went. (NewsOK)


Cowboys ranked 8th in preseason golf poll. (GolfDigest)

This is great news. (NewsOK)

It’s in sight! It’s in sight! (Big Lead)

How podcasts conquered comedy. This is really good. (New Yorker)

Q&A with Saul from Breaking Bad. He’s actually really funny. (Rolling Stone)

This piece on why Etsy’s economy is crumbling is fascinating. (Daily Dot)

This is amazing. (Big Lead)

Hah, kind of dumb but still funny. (CBS Sports)

If Quinn Sharp can’t get a job somewhere…

Pretty manipulate stat, no?

OK, let’s not get crazy.


Has OSU ever been more proud of something?

Not good.

This guy plays tonight.

Not bad.

Full 2001 Bedlam game? Full 2001 Bedlam game.

Interesting video on targeting here (Lunt and Stewart were on the receiving end of a few last year). Via @bradf79

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