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Daily Bullets (Feb. 20): Mike Gundy on TikTok, Bill Snyder Teams (Roughly) Equal Gundy Teams



I’m not sure I understand the purpose of TikTok (#olds) but Mike Gundy making an appearance with some bball players is content I’m up for. 

Bullets Rundown

• Pokes make ESPN’s preseason top 15
• X’s and O’s of an awesome Chuba play
• Bill Snyder teams roughly equal Gundy teams


• MG: Cowboys finished fifth at the Prestige

OSU Bullets

• ESPN has the Cowboys at No. 12 in their too early-top 25 for 2020.

With 10 starters expected to return on defense, the team should continue to improve in 2020, especially if it gets more from the front four. OSU added Missouri grad transfer Christian Holmes, who started 12 games at cornerback for the Tigers. [ESPN]

When the hope is that a unit can just improve – and not prove themselves – that’s a great sign. OSU’s truly stable quarterback play and marginal improvement on the defensive line away from double-digit wins.

• Incredibly grateful for Ragusa breaking down Chuba Hubbard’s most-frequent runs: the inside and outside zone runs

These comments about Bill Snyder-coached teams sounded eerily similar to Mike Gundy-coached teams.

Bill Snyder’s teams were designed to win football games in a particular fashion. He built something akin to a powerhouse HS team, fielding maxed out seniors at most positions and bringing a level of discipline and precision to bear that other teams couldn’t overcome with superior talent. [Concerning Sports]

The level of coaching between both guys to get results from “less touted” players directly translate but I don’t think Gundy requires them to be older like Snyder preferred. Swap out Snyder’s junior college players for Gundy’s diamonds in the rough making an early impact and you’ve got an honest comparison.

• Take a look at the second half of the Cowboys’ preferred walkons for the 2020 class

• John Smith and the Cowboys have their hands full facing Iowa this weekend

• Eckroat looks like he’s ready to carry the torch as the No. 1 in Stillwater.

• Lots of turnovers in the 2010s for the Pokes

Non-OSU Bullets

• This AoM piece on “Making Decisions on the Rule not the Exception” was insightful
• Liked this faith-based article on the value of friendships
Attacking something with “bulldog tenacity” is rare in my space

This one may cause some tension (did in me) but I haven’t seen a hot debate like this in a while: ok to lean back the airplane seat or not? My stance is (and always has been) it’s totally fine to do it but I think it’s gracious not to.

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