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Daily Bullets (February 18)



Ed. Note: Big weekend for OSU sports. Mrs. Pistols and I had a blast at the Brighter Orange event last night at Dallas Country Club. Thanks again to Steve Moomau for the invite and for the Alumni Association for putting on a great show. On to Steven Mandeville with today’s Bullets.

Bedlam mornings are the best mornings. I hope you experienced the same irrational confidence waking up that I did.

Underwood Gets It

Hearing about Underwood playfully chatting with the OU student section just warms my heart. That’s what Baylor loses by hiring a dude from the Northeast.

“It’s Bedlam, so I feel like it’s going to be a fight,” said Leyton Hammonds.

As far as Underwood is concerned, that’s the way it should be; the way a rivalry should be. He’s all in, to the point that he engaged some OU students in some spirited, yet friendly banter during the first game in Norman.

“I like having fun. That’s who I am,” Underwood said. “We hear about other schools’ rivalries, probably too much. There’s none better than this one. OU, Oklahoma State, in this state, from the northwest corner to the southeast corner and every place in between.” [NewsOK]

Brooks Thompson Night for Bedlam

Nobody circles the wagons like the Oklahoma State family.

Michelle and their three daughters — Ryan, 16, Brooke, 14, and Addison, 9 — will be at Gallagher-Iba Arena on Saturday for a game between OSU and Oklahoma that has been declared “Brooks Thompson Night.” Family and friends are expected to be among a crowd that will honor the former guard, who died at 45.

“It’s kind of bittersweet,” Michelle said. “I feel like this will be the last of the memorials that we do to honor Brooks. It’ll be extremely, extremely heartbreaking again, but at the same time, as his wife, I’m very proud that I will see pretty much the state of Oklahoma honoring him and just remembering him.” [Tulsa World]

A Jack Hartman-themed Matchup

Two Jack Hartman disciples will roam the sidelines on Saturday evening.

Underwood said he still uses drills he learned from Hartman, and OSU still runs Hartman’s zone defense. “There’s not many weeks that go by that you don’t think about something that he did and how he did it,” Underwood said. “I revert back to that all the time.

“With Coach, he was the greatest teacher, just unbelievable teacher. Can’t imagine there’s anybody that taught the game better than him … the attention to detail was spectacular. [NewsOK]

OSU and NCAA Notes

Tramel on OSU’s 3-point Shooting Renaissance … Wudtee’s high school coach fired for telling Bama no … Wouldn’t it be great if Gundy got the mullet or “I’m a Man, I’m 40” trademarked? … PFF’s Top 10 Returning Big 12 Players has 4 bedlam rivals in Top 5 …You can’t convince me Gundy didn’t read this piece on recruiting 3 stars.

I can’t see a spring game advertisement without thinking about that time that KU listed their spring game as a win. But count me in for the backup quarterback battle.

Opening day didn’t go as planned (lost 6-1) but glad it’s here.

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