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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (February 23)



March Slayers

John Gasaway says nobody wants to play the Pokes in March.

To this point in the Big 12 season, Oklahoma State has had easily the league’s best offense, one that has scored 1.15 points per possession against conference opponents. (Kansas comes in second at 1.12.) Still, even saying that the Cowboys may have the best offense in the nation’s toughest conference likely understates just how dangerous Underwood’s guys are on that side of the ball.

Whether the Cowboys have the best offense in the entire country or merely one that ranks No. 2 or even (gasp!) No. 3 nationally, the implications for a highly seeded opponent are the same. You’re not supposed to face a team that’s clearly superior to you on one side of the ball in the round of 32. Yet that is almost certain to be the case for OSU’s second-round opponent — assuming Underwood’s team can make it that far. [ESPN Insider]

Sleeper or bust?

KC Joyner says Oklahoma State will be a bust because of its weak secondary (true) and a propensity to live on the edge.

Over the past three seasons, the Cowboys have won 10 games when their opponent has scored 30 or more points, the highest victory total among Power 5 teams. That might make it seem that Oklahoma State’s offense can make up for a subpar secondary, but the Cowboys also lost 11 games during that same three-year span when they allowed 30 or more points.

Further, Oklahoma State is 2-10 over the past three seasons in games when it doesn’t score at least 30 points, including a 0-3 mark last season. Only six Power 5 teams have registered fewer such victories during this time frame. Add all of this up, and it shows that the Cowboys are equipped to win games only via a shootout and have no effective Plan B when that approach doesn’t work. [ESPN Insider]

Of course if a team coached by this man is not living on the edge then I’m not sure what we’re doing here.

Brad Came Home

And got a big W.

As OSU flourished and pulled away to yet another road win, K-State fans exited early. It was a happy homecoming for Underwood, even if it wasn’t for most in attendance.

“There’s a lot of people here that I have so much respect for and they’re friends for life,” Underwood said. “And that means a lot to me. So that part was very special, but the game was about us and it was about Oklahoma State trying to continue to get better.” [Tulsa World]

Time for Holder to tear up the original contract.

Also here are some highlights from last night.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Kansas, 13 straight — THIRTEEN STRAIGHT … Baylor (strangely) lost its co-OC … Oklahoma State is trying to chase down a couple of graduate transfers … Cowgirls get a win at home against Texas Tech … They left 1945 Army in the all-time CFB bracket (sad!) …

Also, we own Kansas.

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