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Daily Bullets: Glenn Spencer talks magic dust

Best alternate unis, great walk-on story, and Marcus Smart has a message.




Glenn Spencer on last Saturday: “They played at a high level on Saturday, and it wasn’t some magic dust that caused it.” (Yahoo)

On the importance of forcing turnovers. (ESPN)

Must read here. As much as you want to believe these dudes love OSU like us, most of them don’t. This guy is an exception. (NewsOK)

The best alternate uniforms of 2013. (Sports Illustrated)

Why Mike Gundy might be underpaid at $3.45 million. (PFB)

You can now buy Barry Sanders anniversary gear online. Hoodies with the old logo……… (okstate)

These Kingsbury helmets are incredible. (USA Today)

Spencer on Deric Robertson entering the Tech game: “His eyes were big. I’m glad he was there, because we had to have another body. We were out of bodies.” (NewsOK)

Did anybody really think OU was going to win last night? Besides Bob? (Big Lead)

LDJ loves to watch Arthur. (NewsOK)

Gundy on a full back who needed “one or two carries a game just so he wouldn’t quit.” (Tulsa World)

Trotter has OSU by 45 this weekend. (ESPN)

Is this who we want representing our conference in the national title? Big one on November 23. (Big Lead)

This on similarity rankings by OKC Dave was cool. (Football Study Hall)

Heck of a lede, Ubbs. I like how Briles says “everything we’ve done, we’ve earned” but Sports Illustrated says “everything you did, OSU, Obama did that.” Wait, that’s a different quote. “Strung-out XLK did that!” (Fox SW)


Fran and Joe Lunardi have us in the Final Four. (ESPN)

“One more.” (NewsOK)

This on Markel is cool: While I enjoy watching hyped-up draft prospects as much as anyone, there’s something about the four-year player who constantly improves that will always get my attention. (Rush the Court)

Jeff Eisenberg’s 68 predictions post is always fun before the season starts. (Yahoo)

The 25 most intriguing basketball players of this season. You-know-who and you-know-who are on this list. (Yahoo)

Pretty sure that’s not our probably lineup. This is one problem with national sites, they try to cover 345 teams well but miss a lot of details. (Rush the Court)

Ford on Stevie: “He’s not necessarily backing up Marcus, even though he will be the backup point guard, but we’re envisioning them playing together a lot as well. If we continue to get the production from Stevie and he continues to do the things we want than he’s going to find himself in the game quite a bit.” (Scout)


Boone had one of the 10 best tweets ever, so says this list. (Yahoo)

There’s a .00006 chance of starting a billion-dollar company. (First Round)

On buying an apartment to rent it out. This is pretty smart. (Need Want)

Stanford players dressed as nerds. Pretty great. (CBS Sports)

This was killer. Patriots can’t get over how little Red Sox are. (Deadspin)

Jeff Pearlman on why he doesn’t want his kids to play team sports. (WSJ)

Wow, dad calls cops to “teach son lesson” and they killed him. (Gawker)


This looks weird.


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