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Daily Bullets: Gundy crushed for not doing media on Wednesday

Marcus on his flopping, tons of recruiting stuff, Eddia on new GIA (he no like).




“I’ve probably built up a little reputation, and I’m not questioning that. But I’m not the only one flopping. Every team and every player does it to make sure you get the call.” (ESPN)

Here’s Jeff Goodman with a good/fair follow up on the interview. (ESPN)

OSU’s odds of making the NCAA Tournament? Better than you think. (PFB)

Bring Doug home. (CRFF)

OK, this Marcus Smart flopping montage is pretty funny. h/t everyone. (College Hoops News)

The photos from Monday’s 3OT game. A great one of Obi and Eddie. (Flickr)

Eddie: “It’s easier to play here now than it was before. It was a lot louder.” (Tulsa World)

I love the one-on-ones CBS has had up lately. Here’s one with Rick Barnes. I’d kill for an unfiltered one with Travis. (CBS Sports)

I somehow talked myself into 11 wins for this OSU bball team. (PFB)


John Hoover crushes Gundy for not doing media yesterday. Crushes. (Tulsa World)

The All-Recruiting Name team. OSU has one guy but you need to check out Baylor’s first receiver. (Fox Sports SW)

Pokes get a “B” for recruiting. Sidled between Baylor and Tech. (ESPN Insider)

Shots sort of fired (maybe flared?) by Charlie Strong. (CBS Sports)

How skinny is this kid?! (NewsOK)

You guys know I’m fairly critical of OSU’s athletic department but this recruiting breakdown is strong. Well done. (okstate)

Why recruiting matters. This is terrific and spot on. Amilian has been talking about this for years and he’s right. (Football Study Hall)

Does he know that “preferred walk on” means “playing the role of JW Walsh and getting your skull crushed by Corey Nelson and Frank Shannon”? (NewsOK)

What you need to know about each team’s recruiting class. (Fox Sports SW)

Kenzie Kepple did a good job with our National Signing Day coverage. (Offense | Defense)

The best part of OSU’s recruiting class is its linebackers. (ESPN)

We got a 2015 commit!! (Scout)


Girls won last night. I want a No. 2 seed in the Tournament. (okstate)

One of the Lakers players fouled out last night and got to stay in the game. Can we borrow this rule? (Deadspin)

My employer gets Thursday NFL games. (Big Lead)

The man who hacked Jeopardy. (Kotaku)

From the “truth is just like fiction” files. (Big Lead)

The KD/LeBron thing is officially out of hand. (Regressing)

Something to get you ready for Sochi. On Bode Miller. (ESPN)

Have you guys ever seen this site? It’s pretty interesting. h/t Ryan Duffie. (Rookie)

Great piece on an 86-year-old bookstore. (Hunterwalk)

Haha, Michael. We’ve just completely eliminated the media from the equation at this point.

Here’s Joe Bob Clements talking about a couple of guys.

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