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Daily Bullets: Gundy helps run the offense

Predicted win total just over 7.5, some interesting yards after contact stats, and a time lapse video of GIA.



Sorry the Bullets are late today. I’ll be at walkaround tonight and (most likely) at Homecoming & Hoops. If you see me, holler. Especially you, Nate.


I still don’t know who’s calling plays. Can you imagine what Monken would have done if Gundy would have given him input on the offense? (NewsOK)

Joe Randle better be comfortable working with the first team. (Fox SW)

The last two stats here (yards after contact and yards after catch) are really interesting. (ESPN)

As a head coach, Gundy is 5-3 in Homecoming games, but they have all been exciting. (Scout)

Scary that one of the big questions is “how good can the D be?” (ESPN)

I ranked the positional units. Linebackers and defensive line on top. (PFB)

Maybe I’m reading too much into Stewart’s comments on Walsh but… (O’Colly)

This new piece from OKC Dave is (as usual) cool. (Football Study Hall)

Boykin sounds like he has the same struggles as Walsh. (NewsOK)

Predicted win total lowered to eight. (Football Study Hall)

I think good players just seem to be around the football more often. (Yahoo)

I didn’t know Devonte Fields and Ben Grogan played together in high school. (okstate)

Next year’s QB will be at the game on Saturday. (NewsOK)

Berry Tramel picks TCU on Saturday. (NewsOK)

Advanced stats say OSU will win. (Football Study Hall)


Time lapse of the lighting setup in GIA for Homecoming and Hoops. Via @glang1. (Gooden Group)

Top 25 coaches poll. OSU is No. 12. KU is No. 6. Wiggins is not ranked. (USA Today)

Berry Tramel says college hoops will be a better product because of the rule changes. I agree, but it might take until February. (NewsOK)

This year’s ACC is the best conference ever? (Sports Illustrated)

Oh, you’re saying a $180 million shoe contract report might be a hoax? I’m shocked. (CBS Sports)


30 non-Americans on things they find weird about America. Via David Ubben. (Thought Catalog)

I’m a huge Kai Ryssdal fan. Via our old friend Ben Allen. (Vanity Fair)

Kobe really does look exactly the same now as he did in high school. (Big Lead)

OU fans? (Deadspin)


It does come rather easy for him. I’m as fascinated as the rest of you.


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