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Daily Bullets: Gundy wants to coach until he’s 60

Ford on Terrell, baseball is rolling, and why OSU isn’t recruiting as much.




Must read on Gundy. Wants to coach at OSU until he’s 60. “I would like to finish this contract and then coach another contract. (Tulsa World)

James Castleman: “People usually talk down on the defense. What I hope is that people still do talk down on the defense. It feels good being able to be the underdog and prove people wrong.” (NewsOK)

More Big 12 stars of spring. Would you rather have Jakeem Grant or Tyreek? (ESPN)

This on a tiny 2015 recruiting class is pretty interesting. I didn’t realize we only had 11 seniors. (NewsOK)


Only eight teams were more unlucky than OSU in 2014. (PFB)

I really try to be optimistic about Nash coming back and hoops and Ford in general, but… (NewsOK)

My thoughts on Nash returning. (PFB)

Ford on Jared Terrell requesting a release: “We are disappointed that Jared won’t be a part of the Cowboy Basketball family. He’s had a lot of unfortunate circumstances occur in his life recently, and I understand that his family and their well-being takes precedence. We wish him nothing but the best, and hope that everything works out for him.” (NewsOK)

This headline is terrifying, especially consider who’s at the helm. (Yahoo)


Aaron Schnautz will have more on this later but Josh Holliday has this baby cranking right now. Two of three from the Horns. (okstate)

Holliday on the Sunday hero, Craig McConaughy (who hit his first college homer): I think that’s the first ball I’ve ever seen him hit over the fence. I’ve never seen him hit one in batting practice.” (O’Colly)

OSU finished third at the Big 12 golf championship [Holder fires coach on Tuesday]. (O’Colly)

I almost lost it while watching Steph in the first quarter on Sunday. He was so locked in. (Big Lead)

“When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk.” (Big Lead)

I thought this roundtable on the Sterling stuff was really good. (Deadspin)

This Brandon Phillips photo was the best. (Big Lead)

Texans do love themselves some Texas. (Deadspin)

This on KD leaving is stupid, right? Though I do have to admit the hoops fan in me would love to see a Wall-Beal-KD trio. (Big Lead)

We can talk more about this later but I want readers to start contributing posts more if you guys want to. Like…extended comments if you need a place to write or vent or whatever. You can post stuff here, I’ll edit it and it’ll go on the site (the homepage even, sometimes). (PFB)

This never gets old.

Aaron Paul!

Baseball highlights aren’t posted yet, so here are the softball ones..

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