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Daily Bullets: How JW Walsh won the job

Caleb Lavey is DPOW, Choo Choo is off the rails, Weeden and Norv poised to succeed, how College Gameday is built every week.




This is my favorite article of the season so far. I’m all in on Walsh btw, 100%. (Tulsa World)

On how Walsh won the QB job in the offseason. (NewsOK)

Caleb Lavey was the Big 12 defensive player of the week. (Big 12 Sports)

On the evolution of Mike Gundy as a coach. (Football Study Hall)

As a defensive player I love it when an offense huddles. (NewsOK)

Des Roland as one of Saturday’s unsung heroes. (ESPN)

More excellence from OKC Dave. (Football Study Hall)

Choo Choo is off the rails. (PFB)

So…about that first game next season. Mike, line one for you…it’s Mike. (CBS Sports)

OSU gets team of the week and player of the week. Bill Snyder gets quote of the decade. (ESPN)

Art Briles: Buffalo brings a lot of sleek bodies that can run. (Big 12 Sports)

MSU fans buying stock in their own defense because of the performance they put on Saturday. (Cowbell Tolls)

Justin Gilbert is angrier now, according to Kevin Peterson. (O’Colly)

On Weeden and Norv Turner. He has every pass in the playbook. (NewsOK)


Wow. (Big Lead)

This is really cool on how College Gameday is built. (USA Today)

Malcolm Gladwell responds to David Epstein. I haven’t read all of it but it looks strong. (New Yorker)

Christian Ponder and Sam Steele had their wedding dinner at Arby’s. (USA Today)

On disruptions and smart phones. (New York Times)

I laughed at this.

It’s true.

Ehh, kind of, I think.

What if Chelf had scored on the first two drives?



Love this pic.

This is excellent.

Gundy’s presser.

I want that shirt.

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