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Daily Bullets: How to fix the run game

An interesting look at QBR, Caleb Lavey previews TCU, Marcus Smart and the positionless revolution.




This is both really good and sort of depressing on the state of OSU’s running game and what they can do to fix it. (CRFF)

Interesting read on Ra’Shaad Samples’ dad who is the coach at Dallas Skyline. (Fox SW)

This story is locked for me. If you have access, it’s probably good. (NewsOK)

This from OKC Dave on QBR is really good. (Football Study Hall)

OSU football players will literally be doing nothing this weekend. (Scout)

Caleb Lavey on eliminating big plays. (Rivals)

Josh Stewart on his blown TD. (NewsOK)

Dez showing off his hands. (PFB)

Good stuff here on OSU’s newest LB recruit. (CRFF)


Marcus Smart leads the positionless revolution in college hoops. (ESPN)

I wrote something similar to this last year. Still applies. (PFB)

So Wiggins isn’t even Kansas’ best player? (CBS Sports)


Burns Hargis cancels his SI subscription. (PFB)

Malcolm Gladwell responds to his critics. Spoiler: He’s good at writing. (Slate)

Cool piece on rooting for underdogs. (Sports on Earth)

Did Bill Simmons push Magic Johnson off their NBA show? (Deadspin)

On the morality of Breaking Bad. (The Village Church)

The O’Colly had somebody who just made up quotes for its paper. (College Media Matters)

Man, this piece on a Twitter founder who got cut out is a little heartbreaking. (Business Insider)

This media move will interest four of you but I thought it was intriguing. (Big Lead)

I love the phrase “my father is a great coffee drinker.” (Modern Farmer)

All of the Manningfaces. (Deadspin)

I hate slideshows but Morgan Hoffmann and Edward Loar are mentioned here. h/t Ryan Cameron (GolfDigest)

Not sure what to say to this..


Nice view.

Remember No Fear shirts? I had one they made based on this bomb.

Pretty cool stuff here. If you’re a student and want to get into it, go here.

This is brilliant.

Weird? But I’ll probably watch.


Gonna keep posting these until you guys tell me to stop.

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