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Daily Bullets: I’m prepared for anything to happen in Lubbock

Dez gets crushed, could OSU’s uniform confuse Tech, Big 12 players in the NBA.




Chelf as the Olympic speed walker was so killer. (WRNL)

O’Colly takes inappropriate shot at Texas Tech. (PFB)

Jason Whitlock crushes Dez Bryant as well as the Cowboys. (ESPN)

“The important thing is to smell good on top of that.” (Tulsa World)

I’m prepared for literally anything to happen in Lubbock. (Scout)

Clint Chelf’s performance last Saturday was historic. And not in a good way. (PFB)

I couldn’t stop watching this GIF of how we feel about Desmond Roland taking over the RB duties. (CRFF)

Ranking the top 25 QBs in the Big 12. Potentially NSFW. (ESPN)

I would post something about this article but I can’t get over Glenn Spencer’s tie. (Tulsa World)

Hmmm….is Jeremy Smith just a complement to RB1? I think he might be. (NewsOK)

Running backs are an endangered species. Really intriguing post here. (Big Lead)

Good read on Davis Webb, who will be tossing against the Pokes on Saturday. (Fox SW)

This is a top-three offense in the Big 12 in scoring and passing. That’s scary. (ESPN)

Interesting stuff here on how OSU tries to turn takeaways into touchdowns. (NewsOK)

The part that worries me isn’t so much Tech’s offense as its defense. (Rivals)

Could OSU’s uniforms confuse Texas Tech? OK. (NewsOK)

OKC Dave’s post on strength of schedule for the rest of the year got a lot of run yesterday, as it should have. OSU tops the list. (Football Study Hall)

Who is the second-best QB in the Big 12? (B/R)

Jenni Carlson ranks the NFL sideline outbursts?? What?? (NewsOK)

On Gundy’s ridiculous press conferences. (CRFF)

I love this headline. College football is better when The U is good. (CBS Sports)

Big 12 is the only league with four teams with one or fewer losses. (Big 12 Sports)


Wiggs gets the cover of ESPN the Magazine, too. (Rock Chalk)

Big 12 players on NBA rosters. OSU has the fourth-most behind KU, Texas, and Baylor. (Big 12 Sports)


Two straight tourneys for Cowboy golf. (okstate)

Really interesting look at why fewer people are watching PTI and Around the Horn. (SBJ)

Why the future of video is so big. (Venture Beat)

Interesting read on how Bleacher Report has succeeded within NBA media circles. h/t Kevin DeShazo. (Joe Favorito)

Biggest wave ever? (Deadspin)

Well this is awesome. You can get your old books bought on Amazon for your kindle for $3 and under. (Amazon)

This was so great. h/t Brooke Clay

New trailer for Wolf on Wall Street. I can’t wait.

That Oregon fake punt was crazy.

Goodness, I can’t wait to play them.

This was hilarious.

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