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Daily Bullets (July 19): Gundy on QBs, 6’10” Sweet Shooting Power Forwards



Back at it from vacation – Mrs. Bullets and I got away for a week and are ready to go. I’m having withdrawals from Giordano’s, send help if you know of a cure.

Bullets Rundown

• Boynton’s latest add
• Freshmen jersey numbers
• Gundy on QBs

OSU Bullets

• When Dutch national Hidde Roessink made his way to Stillwater for a recruiting visit, Mike Boynton saw all he needed to.

“(Roessink) shot like 90 percent from 3. (Boynton) was like, ‘We can’t let that kid leave campus without signing here.’ I was pretty excited about his abilities.”

Roessink adds some post depth for a team that desperately needed it a season ago. Given his workout, he can also help the Cowboys stretch the floor… [PFB]

When you’re signing up guys in July for the next season, you’re dealing with shades of suboptimal and sorting through the bin of bargain buys and overlooked players. With that being said, if you can get a 6’10” stretch four, there’s some utility there with his shooting and possibly some verticality/rim defense that’s worth taking a flyer on.

• I’m all about the skill position talent after OSU announced the jersey numbers for the incoming football recruits.

82  Grayson Boomer  CW  6-5  230

88  Langston Anderson  WR  6-1  192 [GoPokes]

Anderson putting on 88 feels like a nod to Michael Irvin but is unlikely (even with him being from the DFW area). Deondrick Glass with No. 4 should get some screen time.

• I think these thoughts summed up Gundy’s words on the quarterback situation well – at least what he felt comfortable communicating at Big 12 Media Days.

Will Mike Gundy give us any clue about the OSU quarterback race?

Yes. Gundy trotted out the idea, rather unprompted, of playing two quarterbacks. That’s not done too much anymore but once was in fashion. What goes around comes around. [NewsOK]

This means one of two things: there’s some sort of hesitation (physical? mental maturity? leadership?) for naming Spencer Sanders the quarterback as his upside and career position are clearly more ideal. Or it genuinely means that Gundy is entertaining some 2 QB stuff that his new OC is interested in throwing out there.

Fan Appreciation Day is creeping up – two weeks from tomorrow. Spoiler: you’ll probably have to pick between getting Chuba Hubbard’s or Tylan Wallace’s autograph.

• These are serious numbers – $13.5M by OSU alums in 2019!

• Looking at OSU over the last few years (using S&P rankings), I’m really surprised by how little the Pokes dropped off from 2017 to 2018.

• This was a pretty savage move from Monday by the new K-State coach but I loved it.

Non-OSU Bullets

• This summary of blogging in it’s purest form is great.

…I just wrote stuff, having absolutely no idea if anyone would relate. I wrote as well as I could, but there was a wonderful off-the-cuff feel to the process. If it was interesting to me, it might be to someone else. So I would write something about it. The incomparable joy of campfires. The rich history of a particular dent in my car.

I just let the ideas fly. People did relate, usually, although—importantly, I think—sometimes they didn’t. That was okay, and expected. I was just saying things. [Raptitude]

• Vacation reads: this fiction story is overplayed but the writer did a great job, very suspenseful. Working through this recent Grisham novel, love how he writes.

• Pieces like this pushing us to gain wisdom (faith-based) are great – it’s something I need to chew on (and act on) more

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