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Daily Bullets (July 19): New Oklahoma State RB Fired Up to be in Stillwater

TCU’s loss is OSU’s gain.



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OSU Bullets

Great story here on new Oklahoma State RB Dominic Richardson. TCU kind of did him dirty, but OSU was in a good spot to pick up the pieces. Richardson said he wants to learn from Chu and take over next year. I love that.

This on guidelines for the CFB season and how all of this is going to go once the games start is certainly sobering. As the article points out, the most intriguing part of it is the fact that you have to quarantine for 10 days if you test positive and 14 (!) if you’ve been in close contact with someone who has. That sounds … messy.

• Has playing the 2020 season in the fall become nothing more than a pipe dream? I feel like we’re at the stage where you could pretty easily argue either side of this thing and — if you’re good at arguing — make a compelling case. The next six weeks are going to be fascinating.

• Jenni Carlson writes that furloughs and cuts are coming at OSU (albeit not by cutting sports or scholarships). However, the good news is that Mike Holder has been adamant about existing independent of the school itself. A massive benefit given the current situation.

In this day and age, nothing is certain, of course. No one knows how long the pandemic will last or what ramifications are yet to come. No one knows just how hard total revenues may be hit in Norman or Stillwater. But in both places, the athletic departments don’t have to worry about the double whammy of allotments [from the university] tumbling, too. That creates a bit more stability and reduces the possibility of having to make the most painful cut of all — a program elimination. [NewsOK]

• Wait, the SEC is trying to align with both the ACC and Big 12 in scheduling nonconference games for 2020?

• Which school actually has the most explosive offense in the country? A look at the numbers by Robert Allen.

• This is delightful.

• Amazing stuff here.

• This is a good one to end on. Hope it lasts through the end of the year.

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