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Daily Bullets (July 5): OSU as a Founding Father



I hope everyone had a great 4th and that those working today have enough in the tank to make it to the weekend. 

Bullets Rundown

• Analyzing the Brynden Walker-transfer
• OSU as a founding father
• Spencer Sanders ranked among his Big 12 peers

OSU Bullets

• Berry Tramel had a good point about the Myles Price situation, the 2020 football recruit who had his offer pulled.

Everyone is worked up because the McGuinness linebacker used it as excuse to switch to OU, but it sounds like just an excuse. He wanted to switch to OU, so he in part blamed Gundy. I didn’t really buy into it. I agree. Other coaches do it. Some times you HAVE to do it. You’ve got a scholarship assigned to a guy, but if he’s not committed, you can’t sit there and let it dangle. [NewsOK]

Brynden Walker has appeared to be on the fence for over a month (since OU offered) and he may be telling the truth – that the Pryce decommit sealed the deal. But it could quite possibly be a distraction from the fact that he really just wants to play for another team.

I agree with Tramel that it’s likely a common practice – it’s just not generally a public fact.

• If Oklahoma State Football were a founding father, which would it be?

Oklahoma State: John Adams
Prickly and overshadowed by their chief rivals, the Cowboys and John Adams are a perfect match. Adams made it to the top of the mountain in 1796 when was elected president, but promptly lost to Jefferson in 1800 in an election that wrecked him psychologically. Oklahoma State won the Big 12 in 2011, but did so with an overtime loss to Iowa State that knocked the ‘Pokes out of the BCS title race. They haven’t been back since. [Frogs O’ War]

• When you look at the quarterbacks in the Big 12, Spencer Sanders can already be penciled into the top ten just based on talent alone.

Of all the players on this list, Sanders is the only one not to see any game time; his spot on this list is more a function of his ability level, while also accounting for his lack fo experience (these are power rankings, by the way). Sanders should maybe be a bit lower on the list because of the latter fact, but he has the talent to hop into the top five at some point. [247 Sports]

When folks with no affiliation with the program put Sanders that high based on talent alone, I think that only pushes his argument forward even more.

• These were my favorite OSU-related 4th of July tweets:

• Pretty sweet graphics here.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Really like this faith-based read on busyness and rest

• I know I’ve gotta be cold and desensitized but I’m all over this idea that Tramel had for trading Westbrook (if Anthony Davis went to Boston)

• Godin pulls on that thread connecting productivity and connectedness

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