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Daily Bullets (June 15)



Forcing Hands

Loved this OSU preview by SB Nation’s Bill Connelly that nailed one of 2018’s biggest questions: can the offense continue to hum?

If junior Tyron Johnson (a one-time LSU signee) and sophomore Tylan Wallace can build off of randomly promising seasons, man defense might remain a non-option. The two combined for only 25 catches but averaged 16.4 yards per catch and 10.5 yards per target. They are dynamic athletes, and if defenses can’t control them — or four-star freshmen in LC Greenwood and C.J. Moore — in man coverage, the RPO’s heavily on the table.

The next question, then, is what will defenses try to dictate from the new QB’s reads? Will they try to force Cornelius/Brown/Kolar/Wudtee/Sanders to the air? Will they be content with OSU trying to run Justice Hill 25 times a game? [SB Nation]

That provokes the old question from the early days of young Rudolph vs. dynamic Walsh of what’s more important: a deadly RPO or freeing the outside receiver?

If Tyron and Tylan can get free downfield, there’s lots of fun to be had underneath for McCleskey, Stoner, Chuba and Justice Hill.

Scheduling Up

Mike Boynton has adjusted his scheduling but not in the way you’d expect.

Boynton said he didn’t change a lot in his scheduling philosophy this offseason. Oklahoma State always wants to play difficult opponents that increase fan interest.

But he and his staff paid more attention to the lower-tier games they scheduled. Oklahoma State’s full nonconference schedule has not yet been released.

“What I did do was try to consciously not play teams that are consistently in the bottom 100 of the RPI,” Boynton said. “But you never know.” [TulsaWorld]

Playing a glut of top 50 teams could be a tough road for the Pokes but playing the odds that you could beat a top 150 team is a good call as opposed to a team higher in the triple digits.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Fun update on the development and recruiting status of the Boone twins….Good piece on how an OSU alum helped the A’s select Kyler Murray….Liked this idea to salvage the Big 12 Baseball Tournament….Boone brings five boom-bust prospects in the upcoming NBA draft….New method put in place for determining how many bowl games your conference will qualify for

May need five defensive backs to shut this guy down – should be a good test for Knowles’ defense.

Having this guy back will be nice for Holliday’s squad.

Enjoyed this video on Justice Hill’s strengths – burst and strength highlighted.

As a supporter of a program lauded for winning wrestling titles this may sound bad, but can they maybe weight these standings on a sport-to-sport basis?

Impressive showing by the champs – only one of five not awarded individually.

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