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Daily Bullets (June 16)



Rudolph’s Redshirt

What might have been of Mason Rudolph’s career if the four-game redshirt rule had been passed in 2014?

Ultimately Mike Gundy, with Mason Rudolph’s blessing, pulled the redshirt off his prized freshman quarterback with just three games remaining.

It worked out.

But imagine if there was no decision. Imagine if Gundy could have played Rudolph for those final three games, won Bedlam and still preserved the Oklahoma State quarterback’s redshirt.

That’s the new reality after the NCAA Division I Council passed a rule change Wednesday that allows players to appear in up to four games without losing a season of eligibility. [TulsaWorld]

Here’s the deal – Mason Rudolph with a year of eligibility left in 2018 wouldn’t have made a darn bit of difference. Being rumored as a second-day pick is going to lead to a guy signing with an agent nine times out of ten.

But what is interesting is the trend of when to use your four games – take a look at Spencer Sanders for instance. Would it be better to get him some momentum in the non-conference or hold off and wait until the last four games (which happen to be a part of a terribly difficult stretch) and start the Sanders’ era because the Brown/Cornelius boat isn’t satisfying (hypothetically)?

Under-The-Radar Comment

Missed in the “Gundy Ain’t Crootin’ Like I Would” remarks were unusually complementary comments in Gundy’s favor.

During the Pistols Firing interview, Holder actually was quite complimentary of Gundy. Holder reminded listeners that the university was happy to give the coach a 16 percent raise after losing three home games last season.

“It’s much, much more difficult to find a replacement for a great coach than it is to keep a great coach,” Holder said. “That’s why we stepped up for Mike Gundy. Does anybody want to see what that looks like — if you transition from Mike Gundy?”

But the “wow” moment of the podcast was Holder’s reference to recruiting rankings. [TulsaWorld]

While you could make a strong case that communicating negatively about your direct report/most important employee in the public eye was… less than ideal, Holder showed his understanding to be pretty comprehensive amongst the OSU fan base. Count me in the camp of “Gundy’s as good as it gets” in Stillwater, which Holder alluded to by saying he doesn’t want to see what time without him looks like.

But showing a general lack of comfort with the remaining at the status quo strikes a chord as well.

Left Side – Strong Side

Justice Hill did some serious work when trailing Marcus Keyes around the field.

But Oklahoma State’s running game was much improved the past two seasons, and Keyes and running back Justice Hill are reasons why. The Cowboys ran the ball 80 times between the center and left guard for 379 yards and five touchdowns. Each was a top total among the eight gaps PFF tracks. Fifty runs between the left guard and tackle produced 368 yards and two scores, and the 6.6 yards per carry was the best average. [247Sports]

Marcus Keyes may go down as one of the better signing day surprises in the Gundy era and another year of watching the Hill-Keyes duo will be savored.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Boise State makes this list of five Group of Five teams with best chance of CFP-crashing….Enjoy some X’s and O’s chatter with this spread-style running piece….What’s it like when a college coach interviews for a bigger job then comes back?….Really enjoyed Boone’s NBA mock draft….Penn State model of playing two QB’s is smart (and sort of what OSU did with Walsh)

Rickie’s lurking, tied for ninth.

Enjoyed these Carroll highlights.

The tweet of a man who’s really concerned about the media attention.

Progressing nicely.

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