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Daily Bullets (June 21): A Wild Week in Stillwater Comes to a Close

Wrapping up one of the biggest roller coasters in modern OSU history.



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OSU Bullets

• This week was completely insane. Maybe the craziest I’ve ever experienced in a decade of covering OSU. I dropped three things on Friday that you may or may not have seen yet. 1. A video supporting Kyle Boone. 2. Some reporting out of Stillwater on what’s actually going on. 3. Ten thoughts on the week.

Jenni Carlson says this week has a chance to be a good one for OSU football.

Robert Allen says what OSU and Gundy need is to be left alone.

• I’m sure Steven linked it earlier this week, but this from Bill Haisten with quotes from Vernand Morency was really good.

College football players signing waivers in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic? I’m not totally sure how to feel about that.

At LSU, 30 (!) players either have coronavirus or are in isolation while they await test results for coronavirus.

• This on whether the season is going to happen or not is not particularly encouraging right now.

• Speaking of, here’s some good news on a potential vaccine.

• Good stuff here on how Chuba’s change fits in the broader college football landscape and how UCLA’s players are uniting around the idea that they want options regarding returning in the middle of the pandemic.

• Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe seems like he’s still coming to OSU. /Whispers this might be just as big as Cade reaffirming at some point, if not bigger.

The 12 best video game athletes ever. Can confirm that 2004 Michael Vick was insane.

• This was not great.

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