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Daily Bullets (June 23)



Final Punchlist

In what would be reasonable assume to be the last contract of his storied career in Stillwater, Mike Holder has a couple of things left to knock out before riding off into the sunset to Karsten Creek.

Holder also hopes to add a track stadium and indoor track to complete his vision of an “athletic village.” During the March news conference announcing the Cowboys’ new baseball stadium, Holder said he would like to get improved facilities for OSU’s wrestling team, as well. [NewsOK]

There’s always something to revamp and invest in concerning athletic facilities but my goodness, could you imagine the before and after pictures taken the football stadium and on north circa Holder hiring in 05′ onto retirement? If he finishes a wrestling facility and track, the Oklahoma State overhaul will go down in the annals of athletic directing.

The Smart Move

NBA rosters start to take a little more shape after the draft, how’s the Marcus Smart-staying-in-Boston move looking?

With three max contracts already on their books and (Jaylen) Brown and (Jayson) Tatum in line for massive new deals down the road, the Celtics will be wary of investing too heavily in Smart. Even if they can avoid the tax this season, the C’s will likely become a taxpaying club down the road, so any long-term commitment warrants serious consideration.

A $10-12MM annual salary for Smart would likely appeal to the Celtics, but the four-year veteran has already said he feels he’s worth more than $12-14MM per year. If another team agrees and signs him to an aggressive offer sheet – say, $60MM over four years – it would be very hard for the C’s to justify matching it. [HoopsRumors]

It’s hard to financially quantify – outside of plus/minus numbers – what Marcus Smart brings to Boston. He’s a three-and-d guy that’s heavy on the d and light on the three, he’s capable of being a primary ball handler and creating his own shot. But for a team loaded down with max deals, it’s hard to imagine paying more than $10m-$12m for the utility guard off the bench.

There are five out of 30 teams that could get $15m of utility out of the guy and unless he just wants to stay in Boston, it’ll be tough to turn down the money.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Love this idea for drawing college football fans to games by UNLV – all you can eat food….What does it mean to be “multiple” as a college football offense?….Fantastic winners/losers piece by Boone from the NBA Draft….You’ve heard of football teams for the Army, Air Force and at Navy – what about the other branches of the military? (Als0 – this on sports recruiting at the academies was good)….Big Ten paid out a team $50m in revenue

Well, congrats to Coach on a great extension.

Solid explanation on Jeff Carroll’s deal with the Lakers.

Sweet graphic here – third-team All-American seems right.

These two would have a good time running a second unit together.

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