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Daily Bullets (June 23): Dunn’s Salary Bumped, Joey Graham on Coming Home



This time last week I’m waking up to a 3-mile run 4 feet from the Pacific Ocean. One week later? I’m doing the Bullets from a freezing cold Starbucks near downtown Dallas after driving around for 20 minutes at 5:30 a.m. looking for Wifi. Life comes at you fast.

Bullets Rundown

• Joey Graham comes home
• Summer workout stars
• Kasey Dunn gets big pay raise

OSU Bullets

• Joey Graham on coming home to coach in Stillwater.

Graham, a former NBA player, is an assistant coach for the Stillwater High School boys basketball team.

“You teach these kids, and you do it over and over,” Graham said. “…And the next thing you know, they’re out there doing it on their own. And that’s what you want to get kids to do. You want them to get out and step out on that faith and step out on that confidence and that trust and allow them to do things on their own.”

“It’s where I started,” Graham said. “This is the roots. This is where it all happened, so why not come back and do it where you started?” [NewsOK]

Maybe I missed it — or maybe I’m just not remembering — but I didn’t know Joey G. returned to Stillwater, much less that he’s a coach at SHS! The article talks about it, but he should definitely start his own “Flight Bros.” (or something equally cheesy) aviation company. Would subscribe (if I had enough money).

• Enjoyed this little nugget from RA on summer workouts.

Two newbies that looked really good were on the defensive side with defensive ends Kody Walterscheid and Isreal Isuman-Hundley. Walterscheid is bigger than his older brother when he came in. Isuman-Hundley is a player that we always knew had a high ceiling and hasn’t been playing the sport that long, but he certainly looks like he can physically succeed. [247]

I have purchased a lot of IIH stock.

• Kasy Dunn and Sean Gleeson both make $550,000 a year, according to the Oklahoman.

Dunn’s new job title came with a raise to $550,000 per year for the next three years, plus a $50,000 retention bonus to be paid every year if he is still employed on April 1.

“We were extremely fortunate to keep Kasey Dunn,” Gundy said. “Coach Holder did a fantastic job of building a contract and a package — a long-term deal — and, essentially, recruiting him. [Oklahoman]

The best part of that article (by far)? Gundy saying, “That’s life. That’s the way it is” about Dunn not getting the OC position at OSU. He also said when he leaves work every day he feels really good about the room he’s put together.

• Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh? There’s a lot going on here …

• Haha this is great.

• Ryder Cupper Viktor Hovland?

Non-OSU Bullets

• This will be a deep cut for all of you who use Slack, but this might be the goat sub-header.

Currently reading this on the recommendation of OKC Dave. It’s amazing and makes me wish I’d chosen a different profession.

• Jalen Rose has a basketball analytics problem.

• Jordan Ritter Conn goes deep on Zion, and it’s fantastic.

These Mississippi River maps are awesome.

The record for Oklahoma speeding tickets is 188 MPH.

• Big news from our guy, Seth Duckworth. Congrats dude!

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