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Daily Bullets (June 25): Non-Revenue Teams Reloading, Most Viewed of the Week

Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

Two Thoughts

Josh Holliday’s Pokes are reloading with another transfer, this one from the west coast – an outfielder that batted .386 last year – great to see the Cowboys reloading

• Cowgirl Softball is king (queen?) right now alongside the Equestrian champs but Cowgirl Soccer is adding three Gatorade players of the year, could be nipping at their heels

Two Quotes

• Just fun social media stuff here:

• 50 years of Cowgirls that wouldn’t have been – what a deal.

One Question

• The “Mike Gundy says Bill Snyder is the best” talk has me thinking – who would you say the best coach in Oklahoma State history is? Not the most accomplished at Oklahoma State but just “the best”.

Maybe the question is this – most talent in the profession or most accomplished at the school is probably the line.

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 Why Mike Gundy says Bill Snyder is the best ever

• No. 2 Cowboys land another 2023 commit

• No. 3 Mike Gundy on college football’s changing landscape

• No. 4 Gundy: Big 12 may return to its offensive roots in 2022

• No. 5 Daily Bullets from Monday

Non-OSU Bullets

• I think Rodger here is missing the point – Poku isn’t a building block (more like a lottery ticket) but getting the Poku/Chet Holmgren comps out of the way up front is good

• Pretty nerdy but learning about the “margin of safety” was good (finance)

Deep, faith-based quote here – a close friend forwarded this over yesterday and really resonated:

I impose my unrealistically high standards on myself and project them on God, so that I actually start to believe he demands perfection from me. Of course I don’t truly believe this, but it’s how I often behave. I’m frustrated when I mess up and assume this reflects God’s heart, too. My functional belief in these moments is that God is not for me, that his mercies aren’t new every morning, that all he feels when he looks at me is disgust, disappointment, or frustration.

[Grace Abounding in OCD]

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