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Daily Bullets (June 3)



Labor Day Leniency

The Pokes may score points with the TV networks by taking the Thursday-of-Labor Day Weekend game (again)… But is that really a bad deal for the Pokes?

So the Big 12 needed inventory, and OSU was cooperative.

The Cowboys have played more than their share of Thursday night games for television, which are a hassle for most schools considering campus parking and fan convenience.

But the opening weekend is different. That’s Labor Day weekend, and OSU athletic director Mike Holder said that’s been a day that’s traditionally been tougher to draw than on other Saturdays.

“Our fans like to go to the lake on Labor Day weekend,” Holder said. [NewsOK]

While it’s hard to get to Stillwater on Thursday night – and a Saturday game is obviously easiest for logistical purposes – isn’t it nice to have the lake and the opening weekend game? Having been a student for the Weeden-stampeding the Buffaloes-game and the Jerod Johnson-threw to more Cowboys than Texas A&M teammates-game, weeknight games have an air of childlike fun. A “we’re out having fun on a school/work night” feel to them.

Defending the Raid

I’m on the record for staking my claim on Jim Knowles Island and pieces like the below only reaffirm that prediction.

If you want to play in a low-scoring slugfest the right answer is actually to build your defense to stop the pass, stop explosive plays, and thus force your opponent into a low-scoring slog that your own offense is better designed to win. [FootballStudyHall]

In a must-read piece for x’s and o’s fanatics, specifically on Big 12 football, stopping the pass first with the extra secondary player should lead to better results.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Great comprehensive breakdown of who every FBS team wears (Nike, Adidas, UA)….Carlson highlights former Cowboy wrestler-turned-MMA fighter Randy Couture….Cowboy wrestler headed to North Carolina to play out his last season….Enjoyed the ten biggest blunders in sports history….A fun look at the first weekend of college football

Cowboys fall to the host – taking on South Florida today for another shot at the Hatters.

Gosh, sports are fun.

Hard to argue the Pokes were a fluke.

Spot on.

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