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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (Mar. 16): Carmelo Anthony vs. the Pokes in 03′, Pokes Have the Top Canadians



We’ll (OSU sports and fans) will be back.

Bullets Rundown

• Stillwater’s recruiting location
• Carmelo Anthony vs. the Pokes
• Pokes have the top Canadians

OSU (and NCAA) Bullets

• Stillwater isn’t Baylor in the middle of Texas’ fertile recruiting grounds, but it’s not in the worst spot either.

Oklahoma State is a little closer to the metroplex than Tech and are also pretty close to OKC and Tulsa, which are underrated spots for finding good football players. Overall they’re pretty far out there relative to the rest of the league. [Concerning Sports]

• A wild memory here: in 2003, OSU held Carmelo Anthony to his worst shooting performance before Anthony made his title run.

65. 2003: OSU took a 27-10 lead on Syracuse in the East Regional quarterfinals in Boston, but freshman Carmelo Anthony led a big comeback, and the Orange went on to win 68-56. [NewsOK $$$]

I suspect Anthony Allen had something to do with that.

•  Pretty cool – Pokes have two of the top five Canadians in college football this year

• Pretty wild that Louisville hasn’t even been punished yet for his wrongdoings but Pitino has already landed another job in college basketball. 

• This is nuts to me – it’s been four years since a Clemson player has been arrested

Non-OSU Bullets

• One of the better coronavirus explanations I’ve seen – best prescriptive actions for sure
Pretty big changes coming to the NFL after the new CBA approved Sunday
• Some (mainstream) flicks about faith worth streaming while you practice social distancing

Loved this quote pulled from an email from a friend from church (thanks Jeff!) The comment applies to all views:

…I welcome the opportunity to refocus. Over recent years my life container has become increasingly filled with things that don’t really matter. Perhaps you feel the same way.

I have a chance to start shuffling the deck in my home – to get the things that matter back to the top of the pile, and let the things that don’t matter fall aside.

Join me in rediscovering the things that really matter…

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