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Daily Bullets (March 13)



Chins Up

In a terrific piece on the State of the Cowboys in light of the Sunday snub, Berry Tramel points to why the sun will shine on the orange and black faithful today.

The Big 12 knows how good the Cowboys are. Winning at Allen Fieldhouse is better than any victory that will occur in the NCAA Tournament’s first weekend. Winning at West Virginia, too, showed that Cowboy basketball was not dead nor does it sleep.

And OSU fans can be buoyed by Boynton. Virtually no one outside the program knew his name when he got the job. Turns out, Mike Holder hired a guy who could coach up a team.

“I think we got lucky,” said senior Jeffrey Carroll. “A lottery pick, in my eyes. He’s a great young coach on the rise. It’s going to be fun to watch.”

You can’t blame OSU fans for being a little gun-shy at embracing Boynton. Being burned by Underwood still stings. But Boynton’s coaching through a rough season, and his defense of the Cowboys as a tournament team, has made him a keeper in the eyes of most OSU people. [NewsOK]

Porter has beat the drum on embracing moments in sports – and Boynton has majored in those this season. And that’s just not what you expect from a program left out to dry.

Best of the Rest

Before I let it die, Yahoo Sports listed the Pokes as the No. 2 team in terms of being snubbed for the Big Dance.

2. OKLAHOMA STATE (19-14, 8-10, RPI: 87, KenPom: 54, Q1 record: 5-12, Q2 record: 3-2, Sub-100 losses: 0)

Why they could have made it: If who you beat is the most important criteria, then Oklahoma State must be scratching its heads. Hardly any bubble teams boasted a more impressive collection of wins than the Cowboys. They beat Kansas and Oklahoma twice, split with Texas Tech and West Virginia and took games from Texas and Florida State. That’s eight victories against potential NCAA tournament teams.

Why they didn’t: What kept Oklahoma State out is its 14 losses, its dreadful non-conference strength of schedule and its bloated RPI. The committee often says that it doesn’t make decisions based purely on RPI rankings, but no team has ever made the field with an RPI in the 80s. That history apparently proved too much to overcome. [Yahoo Sports]

OSU was such an outlier this year – the committee had no idea what to do with them. The outstanding wins that should have been in a Quadrant about Quad 1 turn heads but they were let off the hook by floundering rumdums in the non-con.

OSU and NCAA Notes

68 things to know and love about March Madness….538 looks at how to build a bracket in this wide open tournament….Cowgirl Basketball landed a No. 9 seed in the Dance….Fun interview with Baylor president/Cowgirl basketball alum….Cowboy Baseball hosts baseball power Dallas Baptist for a midweek bout

Smart being hurt in a contract year is no bueno.

Not sure if this outfit would be more radical today or when worn in 1989.

With absolutely no intel – this has Cowboy grad transfer written all over it.

A thousand students in free is a nice a start for a crowd.

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