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Q&A: Chris Lacy Talks NFL Combine, Pro Day, Trying to Break 4.5 in the 40



Oklahoma State had five players invited to the NFL Combine last weekend including senior wide receiver Chris Lacy.

It’s a unique experience, but an important one for players hoping to raise their draft stock — or likelihood of even being drafted — by an NFL team in April.

Lacy was kind enough to offer some thoughts on his experience in Indianapolis.

Phillip Slavin: What was your experience like in Indianapolis?

Chris Lacy: “It was a great experience being there, around all the talent from around the country. I was very grateful for the opportunity to be there because — my season that I had was statistically unimpressive — and just to know that scouts were still interested in seeing me perform was, I was glad to be there.”

PS: You ran a 4.51 in the 40-yard dash. Is that what you thought you would do? How did you feel about your performance overall?

CL: “I felt okay. I was hoping for a high 4.4. 4.51, that’s just around the corner. I was satisfied. I mean, I feel like I could do better, be a little faster than that. But I was satisfied with my numbers.”

PS: What do you think your fastest time could be?

CL: “I think it could be somewhere in the mid-4.4 area. 4.44 to 4.46 area.”

PS: How do you feel your OSU teammates did at the Combine?

CL: “I think for the most part, us receivers didn’t run the times we wanted to, so we’ll all be doing our 40s again (at OSU’s pro day). But other than that we all performed pretty well.”

PS: Who are some of the other QBs who threw to you at the combine?

CL: “I had Josh Allen, J.T. Barrett, Lamar Jackson. Those are the ones I remember.”

PS: What was it like for you finding out you got an invititation?

CL: “I was training, getting ready for my pro day. Then one day on my way to class I was checking my email, and I had an invitation from the combine. I saw that and got excited and let everybody know. I was already training for my pro day so I was good. I just continued to train and sped up the process physically to get ready for the combine two weeks early.”

PS: Did you get to meet or talk with any teams while you were there?

CL: “I talked to a few receiver coaches. I didn’t have any formal meetings with the GM or head coaches, but I talked to a lot of receiver coaches out there.”

PS: What did they discuss with you?

CL: “They were getting background information on me. Getting my knowledge on the game, offenses and defenses. A lot asked about my experience playing in college. A lot of them talked about how I didn’t play as much, but they wanted to see more, see what I could do.”

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PS: “What is your routine now preparing for your pro day?”

CL: “I’m still working on speed work with my shuttle drills. Everyday we get — us receivers me, James, and Marcell — will get in with Mason and run some routes and catch the ball and get ready for our pro day.”

PS: Have you signed with an agent?

CL: “Yes. It’s actually a group of guys. It’s actually three agents that work together. Corey Williams, John Diggins, and Gilbert Gidry. They’re based out of Dallas.”

PS: What do they do to help you get ready for the draft?

CL: “Right now I’m still in school finishing up my degree (in industrial engineering management). I graduate May 12th. Some weekends I go home and I work out. They set up times where I can work out with a receivers trainer. I go up to a gym they send all the athletes to called Atlet Gym. I get workouts in to work on small things to prepare myself.”

PS: What is your backup plan if or when your playing career comes to an end?

CL: “I plan on staying close to the game. I want to be a director of operations for a team or a stadium in the league.”

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