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Daily Bullets (March 6)



Gundy the Wise

An all-pro NFL player agrees with Gundy’s thoughts on playing multiple sports.

Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen joined the NFL Network crew to talk about his Combine experience and brought up specialization. Olsen played basketball and track & field in high school, along with football.

“I think we’re moving down a bad spot,” he said. “My kids, they love football, but I’ve made it clear we’re going to play all sports. First of all, from a physical development, there’s a lot of research that suggests multiple sports help develop a kid. Even more than that, just from a social environment. Being around different types of people, being around different environments, having multiple coaches. Being around different things, that’s how you learn and grow up.

“You learn to be around people you may not agree with, be around a coach where you have to do what he says, even though you don’t like it. I just think that’s so important. I don’t think you want to stick kids in one box for their whole life and they’ve never seen the big picture.” [Coaching Search]

While I agree with the 10,000-hour rule that Malcolm Gladwell advocates, who’s to say that you have to perfected all your routes by the time you get to school? Maybe developing teachability, learning to fit in and finding some humility from something you’re not incredible at naturally will suit you better.

But who knows, maybe James Washington should have done more seven-on-seven work instead of going to state in tennis.

Fire or Extend

Interesting thoughts looking at a pair of head coaches (K-State’s Bruce Weber and Illinois’ Jim Groce) on how Big Dance circumstances (shouldn’t) seal a coach’s fate:

Is it really sensible for a man’s career at a specific school to be extended or ended by such situations that could’ve easily gone either way? Think about it logically. Should Nairn making or missing a 23-footer have anything to do with determining whether Groce is the right or wrong man for Illinois? Should KSU winning or losing a one-point game really be the difference between Weber getting or not getting a sixth year? Should multimillion-dollar decisions hinge on these types of things?

I don’t think so.

What I think is that all athletic directors should take luck — the bad variety of which Groce specifically has had so often over the years — out of the equation and judge coaches in more intelligent ways. Because bad coaches make the NCAA Tournament every year while good coaches miss it, and those realities are often determined by things coaches barely control. To end a man’s career with a multimillion-dollar buyout, or extend it with a multimillion-dollar contract, based on little more than the outcomes of a few games in the final weeks of a regular season seems ridiculous.

That’s never made any sense to me.

So I beg you, athletic directors and fans, think bigger. It’s always better to evaluate coaches with a wider lens. Because when you directly and strongly tie a pass-or-fail line to good or bad news on Selection Sunday, there’s a decent chance you’ll make the wrong decision whether your bubble pops or not. [CBS Sports]

You could vehemently disagree or agree from completely rational viewpoints, but it all boils down to expectations. If Travis Ford took over at say, the University of Georgia, they would be tickled pink for him to make the tourney five of seven years. Why? Because they’ve made the Big Dance five times since Y2K. At a program with a tooth for Sweet 16s like OSU, the relative mediocrity was dying a thousand deaths.

I agree with Parrish’s main point, focus on the whole picture. But coaches understand the weighting scale they’re graded on. Sure attendance (moral behavior, external face of the program) and homework (regular season play) are important but the majority of the grade is the final exam (post-season play).

Bruce Weber (likely) won’t be let go because his team lost too many close games this year. It’s because he hasn’t done a lot for K-State lately.

OSU and NCAA Notes

The Cowboys took down a solid Arkansas baseball team in Frisco Sunday (good weekend recap here)….Vincent Taylor opened up about his decision to go pro…. Underwood on a long list of candidates for the Mizzou job (Doug disagreed)…. Cowgirls fall to Northern Iowa in softball…. (UNC’s) Roy Williams scolds fans for taunting chants at Duke player…. Here’s your Big Dance research on the Big Ten

44 percent jump! Sociologists years from now will use this as their thesis on the “Underwood Effect”.

Cowboy fans leaving the office for a long lunch on Thursday.

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