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Daily Bullets (March 7)



QB1 Spring Goals

Could be a major development in No. 2’s game.

Rudolph is on pace to break nearly every OSU quarterback record should he stay healthy this fall. He’s won 22 career games, passed for 8,714 yards and thrown 55 touchdowns. Many of those statistics were the result of a dynamic deep-ball offense, as receiver James Washington led all FBS receivers with 19.44 yards per reception last season.

Now, Rudolph’s practice focus has shifted more toward efficiency with short completions in a crowded pocket.

“That is the progression he needs to take,” Gundy said. “The throws in between the numbers from 7-to-14 yards is where he really needs to work. I think he’s going to make a small adjustment in his footwork that he feels like has been a flaw. He’s going to make an adjustment this spring and see how it feels.” [NewsOK]

As incredible as Mason has been, that intermediate route has been his achilles’ heel. It’s like he read the “How to be a D1 Stud” manual backwards – winning on the road at your rival, mastering 15 yard outs, hitting a receiver in-stride 40 yards downfield and now let’s work on the eight yard stop curl. It’s no wonder Yurcich didn’t jump at the chance to teach Jalen Hurts how to throw a slant.

Gundy’s State of the Union

A good macro-level summary of the program from the Mullet.

“We’re thrilled with it. I think the one thing that I’m most happy with is the culture that we’ve created here has been very positive and successful in a lot of different areas,” Answered Gundy. “We went through a transition with the APR that we’ve made the adjustments and have been very successful in that area. We’re graduating players on four-year schedules and we’re very competitive in a clean fashion and winning at a rate that is fairly impressive for the history at Oklahoma State.

All while doing that, our players and coaches like being here, and there’s an environment that has been created where we can have some sort of a life. I enjoy that part of it, but years ago I said that the one thing that would make me happy is to have a team that when we go out on Saturdays, we know if we take care of the ball and minimize big plays we have a chance to compete with or beat anybody we play. That’s really all we can ask for. If we don’t play well or turn the ball over then we’re not going to win, but for the fans, I want them to be able to come to the games and say, ‘If we play well today, we can win.’

For a long time, it wasn’t that way. They would come to the stadium and there was that faithful 32,000 who would come to the stadium knowing there was probably a chance we’d get our butt kicked. That was encouraging and fulfilling for me personally.” [Scout – $$$]

The transition from Iowa State (32,000 fans hoping for .500) to Texas A&M (team that’s won the league and possessing the capacity to do it again) has been personally fulfilling for us all, Mike. That Gundy’s done it without Les’ trouble makers is all the more impressive.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Gundy hired a pair of analysts  for the fall….  NCAA Tourney heroes of the past and where they are now…. This guy looks to be the next Brad Underwood-dominating at UNC-Wilmington…. ESPN has three questions for Cowboy football this spring…. Mock drafts have Vincent Taylor in the 3rd, 4th round…. March Madness breakdown on contenders for the top seeds

Jamarcus, is that you?

Congrats to Jawun on third team All-American

I don’t know if it’s Mike reliving the 80’s, if Holder told him not to or if he’s just being a dad, but it sure is fun.

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