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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (March 8)



The Other Backup Battle

Eyeballs are on the battle to be Mason’s heir apparent, but don’t sleep on nobody surfacing at running back this spring.

The leading candidate in spring would appear to be junior Jeff Carr. As a true freshman in 2015, Carr appeared in all 13 games with 36 carries for 142 yards and one touchdown. But his role diminished last fall with just 12 carries for 85 yards and one score.

OSU coach Mike Gundy — who told reporters he was “as excited as I’ve ever been about a running back” after signing Carr from Temple, Texas — remains high on his potential. Carr is listed at 5-foot-7 and 190 pounds on the latest roster update.

“(Carr) is going to get the ball a lot more in the spring,” Gundy said. “His body has changed. I would love for him to develop in that role. But you’ve got a couple guys that will be right there on his tail that have had a really good offseason, that have redshirted and have developed.” [NewsOK]

After two full years of #BodyByGlass, could Carr be poised to become Spud 2.0? Hunter played at 5’8″, 197 pounds. Carr came in at 5’7″, 170 pounds – packing lbs onto that smaller frame ain’t easy, but it’s hard to tackle. We’re all excited to see King and Hubbard arrive, but Carr is a junior now and Gundy keeps saying nice things.

Brothers that Ball

A fun story here on coaching brothers in the same conference:

Along with the Sooners’ Bob and Mike Stoops, and Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy and his brother Cale Gundy, Bob Stoops’ longest-tenured assistant at Oklahoma, the Big 12 now has four sets of brothers coaching within the league — creating a potentially unusual dynamic on and off the field.

“This league now. … We all really know each other well,” Mike Gundy said. “With Cale and I, we hardly ever talk about football, unless it’s something vague.

“Or recruiting. I’m sure he probably trusts me in recruiting,” Gundy added with a smile. “I don’t trust him.” [ESPN]

Growing up competing with your brother is a really fun thing. But in the high stakes game of Power 5 football, can you imagine the tension? The brothers Gundy are pretty established, so it’s probably more just teasing than questioning career stability. But Thanksgivings have been Bedlam appetizers lately…

“Hey Cale, can you punt, sorry, pass me the potatoes again?”

“Sure thing Mike, take it easy or you may not fit into your singlet.”

OSU and NCAA Notes

Jawun and Carroll add another patch to the letterman…. Intriguing punishment idea from Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher…. Rickie got on the mound for the Redbirds…. Seth Greenberg and Andy Katz talk about the Pokes chances in the B12 Tourney (~6:05 to 6:50)…. 5 storylines to watch as we inch towards March Madness….Fans are invited to a Selection Sunday party on campus…. Baylor cases getting closer to a trial.

KenPom favors us over Iowa State though!

I love that we use Big County for these pics.

Pokes get the W to kickoff this 10 game homestand.

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