Daily Bullets: Markel Brown introduces himself to the country

Sorry for the late Bullets today. I will be on hiatus Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Hope you guys have a great few days with family and friends.


This on Markel and OSU sans Smart is good. (Sports Illustrated)

Markel Brown on his double-double: “I finally got over the hump.” (Fox SW)

Richard Dumas was arrested and my gosh he looks terrible. (NewsOK)

Ain’t nothing wrong with being the best rebounding guy. (NewsOK)

This free throw was incredible. (Yahoo)

Are people really this unaware of Markel? I mean, I know I’m as biased as it gets when it comes to 22 but it’s not like he’s some unknown non-NBA prospect. (Rush the Court)

Markel is Big 12 player of the week. (Big 12 Sports)

Ford: “The thing that I’m happiest and most excited about this team is we sit here at 11-1, a top-10 team and there’s a lot of room for improvement. There’s a lot of areas we can get better at. That’s exciting.” (NewsOK)

My thoughts on the Colorado game. (PFB)


This on Clint Chelf by Gina is excellent. Must read. (NewsOK)

The BIg 12’s big opportunity. (ESPN)

Parker Graham credits his mother with his success. (Tulsa World)

Gundy on Mizzou: “I don’t know if I’m into them being an SEC team yet or not.” (Rivals)

Mason Rudolph is going to start at some point next season. (Scout)

The Oklahoma State Texas Cowboys. (okstate)

A demonstration squad! (NewsOK)

Would have been nice to know this before I picked them to beat Oregon.. (CBS Sports)

Kyle Stanley and Henry Josey have similar stories. Very cool. (NewsOK)

This on drive efficiency in BCS bowls is excellent. (Football Study Hall)

So many LOLs on this onside kick. (CBS Sports)


Oklahoma State is ranked 18th in the preseason baseball poll! (Big 12 Sports)

This was just spectacular. (Deadspin)

Brady, hanging! (Deadspin)

  • Josh

    Seriously taking jabs at a player that suffered a head/neck injury? Geez, Kyle. I know you have a hatred for anything KU basketball but c’mon, that’s pretty low.

    • ChanceDM

      What am I missing here?

      • Josh

        Perry Ellis took a pretty good shot to the head against Georgetown on Saturday. He shot his first FT and missed it by a mile, while stumbling. He looked to the bench and pointed to his head looking very woozy. He left the game and didn’t return. Self said he had a bruised nerve in his neck and possible concussion. Kyle calls his missed FT “incredible”.

        • ChanceDM

          I see now after clicking on the link. Still, I don’t know if saying it’s “incredible” counts as taking jabs.

        • Ben

          Incredible means something that is hard to believe. Not sure how this is a shot.

        • Casey Shepherd

          Seriously? What? Do you work for A&E’s sensitivity department? It’s not like he was taken off on a stretcher.
          This actually reminds me of a time I got hit in the eye on a fast break. Eyes watering and I lost a contact. I thought “no problem, I’ll just shoot the free throws then sub out.” Only having 1 good eye really messes w/ depth perception and my shot was a good 2 ft short.

    • cavemanosu

      I wouldn’t say he was taking jabs. He just posted a link to a video on Yahoo. Now, if he’d pointed out that Perry Ellis is the 3rd best free throw shooter on the team…now that would have been taking a jab – and funny.

    • Nate

      Even I don’t think it’s a jab. And Kyle is a KU homer anyways

    • CD

      Is that you Nate?

  • Guest

    Not to be mean, I know you are busy, but you yourself wrote “Kyle” instead of “Kye.” Or perhaps this is a joke and I’m missing it…

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      Yeah, the running joke is Kye Staley is Kyle Stanley cause er’body outside the program tends to mess up his name, LOL.

    • sigxwales

      Its a joke. He has been calling him “Kyle Stanley” instead of “Kye Staley” for a good part of the season.

    • Scott

      Gus Johnson referred to him as Kyle Stanley MULTIPLE times… ever since, he’s been Kyle Stanley on this blog.

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    No way discoTEX was gonna beat Oregone even w/ those three guys. Oregon by at least two TDs.

    • Ben

      Was a joke.