Daily Bullets (May 18)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Hope Rises

The 2017 offense gives something that Oklahoma State fans have rarely tasted.

Based solely on final AP poll rankings, Oklahoma State has had only three football seasons better than 2016. The 10-3 Cowboys finished 11th, capping their season with an Alamo Bowl romp over Colorado to tie for their fourth-best AP finish ever behind 2011 (third), 1945 (fifth) and 1984 (seventh).

While something always seems to go wrong to prevent Oklahoma State from breaking through the ceiling attached to the program, like that Central Michigan debacle, there is hope for something more in 2017. Thanks to a crucial announcement on Dec. 27, Oklahoma State is going to be a force to be reckoned with, owning an offense with the potential to rival the Brandon Weeden/Justin Blackmon-led unit in 2011 that scored 48.7 points per game. [SportsOnEarth]

What’s so unique about 2017 is the (macro-level) crescendo that was 2016. It’s unusual, especially over the tenure of the program, for an Oklahoma State team to get to double-digit wins then saddle up for another run with that nucleus intact.

The 2017 team will have a chance to pick up where the 2016 team left off, potentially serving as a base camp for the 2017 team to summit from.

Note: 48.7 points per game is absolutely absurd.

Year of the Big 12

There’s a growing sentiment 2017 could be the year for the Big 12.

The conference has been the least effective Power Five contender in the college football playoffs. Regular realignment talks chip away at its stability. But despite all of that, don’t start shoveling dirt over its grave just yet.

When I started projecting out to the 2018 NFL Draft recently, I looked up and five of my top 32 prospects were out of the Big 12. In the 2017 NFL Draft, the Big 12 had two of the top 72 picks (and four of the top 100). My projections don’t make it a reality but it brought to my attention what is the very real possibility: 2017 is the year the Big 12 is back. Let’s review a few contenders:

Oklahoma is Oklahoma. Bob Stoops’ squad has been the saving grace of the conference and he returns a Heisman Trophy finalist at quarterback in Baker Mayfield and one of the nation’s top offensive coordinators in Lincoln Riley. OU also has names like Jordan Thomas, Orlando Brown and Ogbonnia Okoronkwo that will significantly deepen the Big 12 NFL Draft pool next season.

Oklahoma State is a consensus top 15 team in most early Top 25s due to the return of one of the nation’s most explosive offenses led by QB Mason Rudolph and WR James Washington – both potential-first round picks in spring. [247Sports]

So three reasons: draft picks are coming, OU will OU and OSU will challenge. It goes on to talk about the meat below the Bedlam upper-crust and it’s a good looking Big 12 sandwich.

OSU and NCAA Notes

James Washington named the top returning receiver in college football….Mark Cooper previews OSU’s trip to South Alabama this fall….Congrats to OSU’s football-specific sports info department on being named top 11….Another disturbing Baylor lawsuit emerged yesterday….Update your Twitter header with this beauty….Cowboy defensive backs rank fifth in the Big 12

Bedlam baseball opens tonight in Tulsa.

Where does efficiency rank in the “I love that Mason has this” qualities? It’s pretty all-encompassing but it’s up there by his touchdown-to-interception ratio.

Also, you won’t want to see this but can’t believe this guy had the most efficient season ever last year.

A lot of yards + a lot of touchdowns + a lot of big plays + very few interceptions is a good look. #MA2ON #okstate #GoPokes

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That’s a 98.59 percent success rate of getting to college golf’s last tournament – super impressive.

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Fallon did a hilarious bit where an MLB rookie interviewed people incognito….A solid mock updated after the NBA lottery….Jimmie Tramel on a mother of ten (!) is awe-inspiring

Shake Shack feels overrated but not much else to argue with here.

  • Mark

    The Baylor stuff is sickening. Worse than we’ve heard before. I don’t understand why they are still being allowed to field a team. I’ll say it again… You don’t want to punish current players who had nothing to do with these atrocities? Fine. Don’t. SEND THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE. Kill the Baylor program and boot them out of the Big12. Their presence sickens me.

    Also In-N-Out is overrated. 😉

    • Nicholas D.

      Sickening is the right word. Difficult to even read about.

    • Jawbreaker

      Baylor should be kicked out of the NCAA. There have been several articles written lamenting what the NCAA can or can’t do within their rules to punish Baylor and the ins and outs of the death penalty. Just kick them out of the NCAA. Sometimes we make things harder than they have to be. This is the most reprehensible incident in the history of the NCAA. The NCAA and its members should be under no obligation to perpetuate this insitution’s athletic endeavors. They got their second chance after the basketball-murder fiasco and they managed to do something even worse.

  • brentparkey

    I guess this is where I just feel pity for the people who don’t live in range of a Braum’s.

    • Well I’ve Never Been to Heaven

      Braum’s crack the Top 3 on that list, for sure.

    • Nicholas D.

      Truer words never spoken. I live in Houston. Braum’s is actually one of the reasons I look forward to the 8-hour drive to Tulsa to see fam.

      • Nicholas D.

        Seriously, though. Moving from Muskogee to Houston at age 6 was traumatic enough. And no Braum’s down here made it even worse.

  • Lance Perdue

    McDonalds is overrated. I can’t believe a McDonalds hamburger would make a top 100 list. I’d prefer any local establishment.

    I’m going to pray for the young lady who was attacked at Baylor. It was painful to read the reports and I’m especially grieved that a “Christian” school would choose to neglect their most vulnerable students.

    • Nicholas D.

      Yes, to both points.

  • Nicholas D.

    OSU the only team with 2 on Matt Brown’s top 30 returning receivers list. Ateman @ #27.

  • jt

    As I said before in regards to Baylor, anyone (players, coaches, admin.) who was involved in this disgusting situation needs to be brought up on charges. The NCAA needs to punish the program with major scholarships reductions, postseason bans, and TV blackout.
    In regards to this burger list, McD’s should not be anywhere near this list. I find 5 guys overrated. It’s not bad but very overpriced. A couple of places I like not on it: Braum’s and Freddie’s.

  • Nicholas D.

    Whataburger (aside from Braums, which I don’t get down here) is the ONLY fast-food burger I’ll eat. Five Guys I’ll eat, but I don’t really consider that fast food. To me their burgers are good-not-great. In my opinion, the FRIES are the true reason for going there – no others even come close.

    • PonchoPete

      Whataburger >> anything else

      • Nicholas D.


    • Lokeasy

      I’m right with you on Whataburger. Any other fast food burger is just disappointing. The most perplexing burger on the list is Wendy’s. They’re better than McDonald’s and Burger King, but so is going hungry. Then the problem with 5 guys is that they’re better than most fast food, but they aren’t better than any local burger joint.

      • Alec M

        LOL @ going hungry

        • Forever 14


      • Nicholas D.

        Right on. And something about that yellow paper they’re wrapped in. WB is not only good food but also the most compelling marketers by far, imo.

  • Jawbreaker

    I think the food at Sonic kinda sucks, especially the “ice cream” (Don’t shoot.)

    • Stepdaddy

      I love the idea of Sonic, successful Oklahoma company, with a cool drive-in, but the food is way too salty and they don’t use real ice cream.

      • Alec M

        THEY DON’T!? news to me. Makes since why it looks so disgusting after it sits awhile

        • Mark

          They USED TO not use real ice cream. They have for at least two years now.

  • D’Blake Winslow

    Shake Shack overrated at #3 is the hottest take I’ve seen on here in a while.

  • Forever 14

    Braums over all and not close. I live in California and have had both Five Guys and In-N-Out. Definitely prefer In-N-Out overall, tho 5-guys right behind. What-a-Burger is good, but not what it used to be. Carl’s Jr is definitely better than Wendy’s and McDonald’s. SmashBurger is really good, but doesn’t belong in the same category as the others as it’s premium-priced. Haven’t been to Sonic since they ruined their onion rings. California used to have FatBurger which was along the lines of What-A-Burger, but I think a little better, and FatBurger’s onion rings were worlds better.

    • Adam M.

      I used to live in California as well and agree with these sentiments.

  • Nicholas D.

    Any other Okies from Muskogee on this board?

    • Big Bubba

      Looking for a date?

      • Nicholas D.

        Shhh. Don’t tell my wife.