Daily Bullets (May 19)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Are We There Yet?

The annual “Is Texas back?” game this year is when Gundy’s boys make it down to Austin.

10. Oklahoma State Cowboys at Texas Longhorns, Oct. 21

What’s at stake: First-year Texas coach Tom Herman might not have a team that’s ready to knock off a national-title contender such as USC on the road in Week 3, or to defeat another CFP hopeful, archrival Oklahoma, during the Red River Showdown one week before this game. But at some point in the season, Texas needs to show things will be different under Herman, who inherits a much better roster than his predecessor, Charlie Strong, did.

A midseason takedown of talented Oklahoma State in Austin would provide a morale boost for Longhorns everywhere. Oklahoma State, meanwhile, should come in undefeated if it survives a Week 3 trip to Pitt. Herman is known for offense and quarterback development, but Texas must make upgrades on defense under new coordinator Todd Orlando. An Oklahoma State attack led by QB Mason Rudolph and the nation’s best receiving corps will provide a great test. [ESPN]

This is the epitome of being a helmet school. When you make a list like this playing a team that’s pre-season higher ranked than you and you haven’t beaten them in your stadium since 2008.

I don’t know if this was ripped from Longhorn Network programming content but it’s frustrating (to me) that the dark horse CFP contender is somehow “the test” for a team that hasn’t had a winning record since 2013.

An Uphill Battle

OSU has the toughest road schedule wise per CBS (on an odd year!).

1. Oklahoma State Cowboys
Oklahoma State Cowboys will play the most difficult schedule in the Big 12 this season, and it’s not hard to see why right from the jump. Two of the Cowboys’ three nonconference games will be on the road this season against Pitt and South Alabama Jaguars . Before that, they’ll open the season with a tough Tulsa Golden Hurricane team.

In conference play, the Cowboys will play both Texas Longhorns and West Virginia Mountaineers on the road in consecutive weeks in late October, only to return home to take on Oklahoma Sooners the very next week. The good news is that the Cowboys’ load will lighten in November with both Iowa State Cyclones and Kansas Jayhawks , but this is a team that could be rather worn down by then. [CBS Sports]

At South Alabama is far from Savannah State and the Leathernecks of Western Illinois, they had a second rounder in the last draft. Pitt lost their stud QB and running back to the NFL and their offensive coordinator to LSU, but still, Power Five on the road.

It goes on and on but until Kansas comes for senior day, there’s not really a “gimme” on the schedule.

Also, OU plays at Ohio State and is No. 6 on this list.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Cowgirl Tennis takes on Georgia Tech in the Sweet 16 tonight at 6 p.m….Rudolph becomes the all-time leading passer at Oklahoma State in week one or two?….Pokes have the Big 12’s No. 3 d-line after losing a guy to the draft….Texas lost an impact wing to ‘Bama but added a lottery talent at center yesterday….Jeff Carroll goes 41 in a way-too-early mock for 2018

Bedlam rained out last night, doubleheader today in OKC with first pitches at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Cardiac Cowboys, fo’ real.

There’s plenty of good tape out there, Sam. Enjoy.

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Tram goes after the NBA Lottery, give me the wheel….Insane how Fallon has been affected just being somewhat moderate politically….Super impressed by the keyboard shortcuts on Gmail

Somebody, please pass along to Rattlesnake Mike.


  • Mark

    Yes, but to be fair, there’s really no way to know what to expect from Texas this year. There’s a new head coach that is unfamiliar to the conference. We know they have talent on the roster… I mean, according to the recruiting gurus that frequent the comments section, they SHOULD win handily because they have more gold stars than our team.

    As far as the CBS schedule article goes, they’re full of crap. Lot of teams with worse schedules.

  • Phillycowboy

    I love the idea of changing up the NBA draft lottery. I don’t like the wheel idea and I think people in Oklahoma should understand this best. Say Durant was becoming a free agent during a period of the wheel that analysts speculated would be a below average 3-5 year draft position. This would make it hard for Durant to want to resign (because going to many other teams would lead to better draft positions over a 3-5 year average) thus incentivizing super stars to get a bunch of player options and then choose to a team that is above average but with great lottery odds during their primes.

    To boil my critique of the wheel system down, I think it would increase to a detrimental degree star players leaving teams and teaming up in a city that their draft cycles line up advantageously with their primes. Could you imagine the Miami Heat convincing Dwayne Wade (to re-sign), Lebron James, and Chris Bosh to sign in a 3-5 year period where they had the 1st overall pick. Then, Lebron leaves for Cleveland in the cycle of (1st, 30th, 19th, 18th, 7th, 6th) when they have a 1st round pick that they have hit on and is in his 4th year. Now, you have Lebron on a team with a 1st round pick in his 4th year and the next two drafts are players 7th and 6th overall.

    I just think it would give power to the ring chasing generation of NBA elite athletes to only pick good teams with good lottery positions during they 3-5 year prime. Further exacerbating the problem for teams that get a Greg Oden, Kwame Brown, or Anthony Bennett.

    • EdmondPoke


  • Pistols Fired!!

    The rattlesnake bit his TONGUE!!!! So, not only was the Florida dude trying to kiss his rattlesnake, he was trying to FRENCH kiss his rattlesnake. Just when I thought ‘moronic’ couldn’t be redefined or refined any further… :-/

  • BBJD

    National interest in Texas will always be higher then national interest in Oklahoma State. No reason to ever get upset about that and complain about Helmet schools because playing Helmet Schools is what allows Oklahoma State to get national attention.

    • OrangeTuono

      Unlikely anyone pulls the plug on our comms system mid 1st half in order for Smilin’ Chuckles to change offensive and defensive schemes to even have a chance.

      Gundy will, yet again, stuff Bevo into the smoker and cook up some delicious Brisket. Hook’em! LOL!

  • Chris Baker

    UT hasn’t had a winning football season since 2013, and their record since 2011 is 41-35, the LHN launched in 2011, anyone else think that is super funny. The LHN was supposed to provide the springboard for UT to jump into Bama/Saban territory. Instead it’s documented one of the worst stretches in UT athletics in 50 years. Looking forward to Herman not being the guy either and seeing three more years of losing seasons for UT.

    • OrangeTuono

      Hook’em 🙂