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Daily Bullets (May 7)



Your Best Bet

Bill Haisten highlights an unprecedented run of success for the combined Bedlam schools (64-15 for OSU and OU from 2015-2017) and speaks to how that projects for 2018.

As 23 Bedlam players have become pro football players, the result is a tremendous experience void. Added to NFL rosters last week were 14 Sooners who had a total of 404 college starts and nine Cowboys who had 297.

Chances are, the 2018 Sooners are Big 12 champions and the 2018 Cowboys get effective quarterback leadership and nine or 10 wins.

However, because QBs like Mayfield and Rudolph don’t come along very often, there exists the possibility that 2018 will be a step-down season for both programs. The decline could be slight or more pronounced. Time will tell. [TulsaWorld]

Pokes lose some serious experience between the offense (in general), Chad Whitener, and the safeties. But for $5m/year, is it safe to assume Mike Gundy is paid to reload (8 to 10 wins) and not rebuild (4-6 wins)?

Learning on the Go

Not OSU-specific but ESPN ran a piece recently highlighting the prevalence of the freshman quarterback in Power Five football.

The two best teams in college football last season placed their championship hopes in the hands of teenagers less than a year removed from their senior prom.

When Tua Tagovailoa and Alabama triumphed 26-23 over Jake Fromm-led Georgia in the College Football Playoff National Championship, it was the embodiment of a trend that’s growing yearly. Power 5 programs are entrusting their offenses to true freshman quarterbacks. The era of freshman-QB stardom is upon us. [ESPN]

The confidence level in freshman when Mike Gundy took the starting gig appears to have dramatically shifted (C.C. Sanders, Spencer (at) OSU email).

OSU and NCAA Notes

Short piece on why PAC 12, not Big 12, is most vulnerable….Comical to include, Texas football coach believes they’re close to “being back”….Cowgirl Softball is a No. 2 seed in Big 12 Softball Tourney….James Washington’s fantasy football stock (along with his peers) analyzed

A tough finish in Iowa City.

Rickie from deep.

Flowers is catching on in Seattle.

Ten days.

Three wins with two series to go.

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