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Daily Bullets: Mike Gundy agrees with Bob Stoops about SEC

Calvin Barnett on his favorite place in Stillwater, Weeden highlights, and basketball is coming.




Gundy agrees with Bob Stoops on the fallacy of the “SEC rules!” argument. (Fox SW)

“JW Walsh prefers to play on a condensed field.” (CRFF)

Gundy on how little the SI story has affected recruiting. (Fox SW)

Gah, Kansas State’s QB situation sounds worse than OSU’s. (NewsOK)

I did this podcast yesterday previewing the KSU game with a KSU blogger. Fun stuff. (Emaw Radio)

Calvin Barnett is “really not nothing.” Also, I was told by the OSU media department that I can’t interview players because “what if you ask them what their favorite place to eat is and they tell you, that’s a violation.” Oops. (NewsOK)

Full Browns-Bills highlights. (NFL)

I love Jeremy Seaton TDs. (NewsOK)

Good roundup of the Texas-Iowa State game here. That fumble is reminiscent of something, yes? (B/R)

Can’t stop watching Jimmy Haslam. (Deadspin)

Good stuff from Quinn Sharp on what Ben Grogan needs to do. (NewsOK)

According to F/+ OSU should win by two TDs. (Football Study Hall)

…. (Scout)

Here’s Weeden’s postgame press conference. It kind of lit a fire. (Browns)

This headline is true, and hard for me to process. (Football Study Hall)

Trooper Taylor is like “that’s all?” (CBS Sports)


Storytime with Doug is just the greatest. (PFB)

Jim Boeheim does not get it. (Deadspin)

Welp. (CBS Sports)

Marcus Smart and Markel Brown are on the preseason All-Big 12 team. (PFB)

This is going to be even more frustrating if/when Kansas wins the Big 12. (Sports Illustrated)


Bedlam soccer tonight! (O’Colly)

Well this looks like it’s going to be awesome. (Regressing)

Twitter’s S-1. KD gets a shout. (SEC)[1. Other SEC.]

FIVE-PART SERIES! (Runners World)

Look at how much Twitter’s revenue has increased in the last four years. (QZ)

On weak social ties in the digital age. This is fascinating. (Wired)

Jared Rosholt to UFC. (Bloody Elbow)

If you want to get into blogging, this is a cool platform to do it on. (Wired)

Oh man.





Paul Rhoads almost says “I’m a man” in the middle of this…

Does it??

My favorite part of the first day of the Presidents Cup.

I like Adam Scott (both of them, really).

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