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Daily Bullets: Mike Gundy doesn’t want to talk offense

Dez with a sick catch, Chelf not the answer, OSU has won 14 of 15 at home.



Welcome to the second bye week of the last month. 


Wow. (NewsOK)

Wow II. (Tulsa World)

Ubben has OSU fourth in his power rankings. Agree that Chelf isn’t the answer. (Fox SW)

I need to go back and look at it further but I think this on what the OSU offense could be is right. (Rivals)

Dez with the No. 2 catch of the day yesterday. (NFL)

Good point here on picks. OSU would be 0-2 in the Big 12 without turnovers this season. (Tulsa World)

Walsh: “You learn a lot about your team.” He’s certainly right about that. (NewsOK)

This is a really good assessment of the offense. (CRFF)

KSU lost 15 points on turnovers and penalties. (Bring on the Cats)

OSU drops in the AP poll. (CBS Sports)

Jake Trotter suggests it might be time for Chelf. (ESPN)

Amilian looked back on the recruiting evals on Walsh. They’re funny. (PFB)

Superlatives from the KSU game. (PFB)

Good news: 14 of 15 at home. (Big 12 Sports)

We keep hearing about how elite these receivers are and they keep dropping big passes. (NewsOK)

Berry has OSU sixth in the Big 12…I think that’s more realistic. (NewsOK)

Shaun Lewis helmet sticker. He deserves it. (ESPN)

It’s nice to see a smile on his face. (O’Colly)

The best photo from Saturday. (PFB)

Cool look at just how OSU’s five turnovers came about. (NewsOK)

Shaun Lewis gets best defensive player. (Fox SW)

“It’s not like you can just continue to do it forever.” (AP)

Agreed that the Big 12 is Baylor’s to lose. (B/R)

I’ve looked at OSU’s win in pretty much every way possible and it never seems to get better. (Football Study Hall)


This was just spectacular. (Big Lead)

Not the greatest headline. (okstate)

Theories on alternate endings of Breaking Bad. (Atlantic)

This on Twitter bios is tremendous. (New York Times)

This on what we spend our time doing is pretty amazing. (Godin)


An offensive lineman..

I did not.


For now, yes, I agree. A lot could change in a month though.

Have mercy, Kevin.


Gundy’s presser from Saturday.

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