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Daily Bullets: Mike Gundy is all in on Walsh

The defense was even more dominating than we thought, great photos from Saturday, MSU fans are depressed, State still No. 1 in power rankings.



I did a special edition weekend Bullets on Sunday to get all the game stories out there so this post wouldn’t take 120 minutes to read. I liked doing it and think it will continue (4 AM Arizona finishes notwithstanding).


Good stuff from Berry on how throwback the OU and OSU games were on Saturday. (NewsOK)

Some great pics in here. An all-timer of Gundy. (Flickr)

Gundy and JW on the new QB situation. (Tulsa World)

Oklahoma State’s defense held Mississippi State to a total of two first downs in the second and third quarters. (Big 12 Sports)

I refuse to call the “diamond” the “trey.” (NewsOK)

Pokes remain No. 1 in David Ubben’s power rankings. (Fox SW)

Yurcich’s obscene love affair with screen passes. (CRFF)

I doubt I would have been caught from behind. (NewsOK)

I gave the special teams an A-, wish I could get that one back. (Tulsa World)

MSU fans are depressed. (Cowbell Tolls)

Gundy is all in on Walsh. (NewsOK)

A couple of pretty great defensive stats right here. (Tulsa World)

Colton Chelf gets ripped but Shaun Lewis, JW Walsh, and Mike Gundy lock in some superlatives. (Fox SW)

Did you guys notice the stand-up package on Saturday? Pretty wild. (CRFF)

Walsh was the Big 12s leading rusher in week 1. (Tulsa World)

Yeah this TCU thing scares me. I’m glad we have them at home. (ESPN)

I feel like you could put me at left tackle and we’d be OK. (Tulsa World)

OSU likes to run as close to 100 plays as possible. Not really…averaged 78 last year, ran 73 on Saturday. (Cowbell Tolls)

OSU’s defense gets a helmet sticker. Well deserved. (ESPN)

Mind you, Kansas hasn’t even played a game yet. (Fox SW)


WELP. (Sports Illustrated)

Talk about burying the lede: OSU rolled in Bedlam on Saturday. (okstate)

This is unbelievable. (Big Lead)

Ronnie Lott fell out of his chair on air on Saturday. (Big Lead)

Did Apple already build its TV and are they about to reveal it to us? (TNW)

Interesting story on the different ways to support websites. (New York Times)

How the CBS-Time Warner showdown is making us rethink having cable. (LA Times)

Amazing. (Godin)

How the Washington State flag gets to every episode of Gameday. (USA Today)

Jeremy Seaton?!

Haha, pretty good.

Weird, but true.

Not sure why but this made me laugh a lot.


This is incredible. via @carsonc5

Strangely, these are the only highlights I can find of our game right now.

Gundy’s postgame presser.

There’s a Jeremy Lin documentary.

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