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Daily Bullets (November 3)



Football news

Glenn Spencer on TCU: “I’m glad to have them at home. I’m not thrilled about trying to figure out how to stop them. … Hopefully, our crowd can make it tough for them to operate.” (NewsOK)

Can you imagine Glenn Spencer not liking your questions to him? (Tulsa World)

Mason Rudolph: “Our fans have done an awesome job bringing noise and excitement to our stadium. (November’s) gonna be something we look forward to. Each week, it’s gonna be fun to play.” (O’Colly)

Gundy: “We can’t let a day go by in preparation, and I know that’s coaches talk, but the year we had (Brandon) Weeden and (Justin) Blackmon and Joe Randle and all those guys, we could make up for things on Saturday because we were so talented. We’re not in that situation at this time.” (Tulsa World)

Good column here on how the Big 12 schedule was put together. Even if some of the core principals seem to, uh, conflict with one another. (NewsOK)

There’s no QB controversy in Stillwater because J.W. Walsh is not a quarterback. (PFB)

Is Mason Rudolph upset about not playing? I would hope he is. (Tulsa World)

OSU has held its own against Heisman-contending QBs in Stillwater. (NewsOK)

Three pretty important players for OSU (Jimmy Bean, Kevin Peterson and Ashton Lampkin) were hurt against Tech. Gundy sounds hopeful they’ll all be back against TCU. (Tulsa World)

Mike Gundy on TCU: “They’re obviously a top five team. Our guys will prepare, and we’ll have them ready to go and looking forward to a great game.” (O’Colly)

Around the country

Good stuff here from Jake Trotter on why the Big 12 is positioned well to make the College Football Playoff this year. I sort of disagree, though. I think the Big 12 could pretty easily get left out again. (ESPN)

The U is memorializing a win over Duke with shirts. What a world we live in. (CBS)

Kansas can’t celebrate football so they celebrate pro baseball instead. (Yahoo)

Berry Tramel doesn’t have any Big 12 teams in his top 10. (NewsOK)

Dez Bryant’s monkey

The headlines just keep getting better and better. I mean, these are all-time headlines, people! (Dallas Morning News)

His monkey, by the way, might not be legal. (PFB)

And Dez was not pleased with folks on Twitter questioning his concern for Seattle’s knocked out player. (PFB)

More pistols firing

SportsCenter is heading to Stillwater. (PFB)

Jesse Robinson is officially replacing Paul Lewis at guard. (PFB)

Could OSU have the November advantage because of close October games? (PFB)

Oklahoma State (Oklahoma State!) is second in the country in total sacks. (PFB)

Things Big 12 fans say video is awesome. (PFB)

Icy white helmet review: good, not great. (PFB)

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