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Daily Bullets (October 10)



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Downtime in Stillwater

OSU had a lot of time off last week.

Oklahoma State made the most of its off week, as in sincerely taking time off. The Cowboys practiced through Wednesday, then were released by coach Mike Gundy and told to return Sunday for the regular start to the next week and Saturday’s game against Baylor. [NewsOK]

Agree or disagree with the concept? I’ve seen rumbling of well, they should be practicing more and well, maybe if they tackled in practice, they would have beaten TCU. I don’t necessarily agree, but it’s something that’s probably worth discussing.

Would 12-1 be enough?

It’s still (way) too soon to start thinking about it, but what are college sports blog for if not to pontificate on things still months away from happening?

If the Pokes only loss is to TCU and they beat Oklahoma twice, is that enough for a playoff berth? Hmm. [CBS Sports]

I mean, the answer has to be “yes,” right? Right?! Can you imagine a scenario before the season started in which I told you OSU would beat OU twice and not get in the CFP? I don’t believe they would get shut out (depending on how the rest of the landscape looks at that time).

OSU and NCAA News

Ohio State might be butchering great uniforms (although not like Florida!) … Oklahoma State’s advanced statistical profile is pretty interesting (look at field position and turnover luck) … Oregon State’s coach … uh … left $12M on the table? … ESPN has TCU No. 1 in its B12 power rankings (because you kind of have to) … the only person who likes Joel Lanning more than Mike Gundy is Berry Tramel … OSU will pass the bucket on Saturday against Baylor to help raise money for a memorial to honor the lives that were lost at 2015 Homecoming.


I’m weak!

Oh, Florida. No, Florida.

Doesn’t sound like Brock Martin will play this year.

I know we’re probably not supposed to link to this, but man …

Also, yes.

J.W. Walsh would have won the Heisman if this play had been around during his time in Stillwater!

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• Is Mike Boynton about to land his (second) first recruit?
• I thought Gundy was great in his presser on Monday
Everybody is flawed (except for Alabama)
• Daton Fix is a super freak
• I loved hearing Mike Gundy talk about Joel Lanning

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