Daily Bullets (October 12)

Written by Kyle Porter

Happy (day late) birthday to my brother Kevin. Go check out his new podcast

Lundblade out, Wilson In at Center?

Sure sounds that way.

(Johnny) Wilson’s role at 2:30 p.m. Saturday against Baylor at Boone Pickens Stadium remains unclear as Lundblade tries to work his way back to health. Wilson could start in place of Lundblade at center, return to the starting guard spot, or give way to redshirt freshman Teven Jenkins, who has also seen action at guard.

“I don’t think I’m a mean guy,” Wilson said, a smile peeking through his long, red goatee. “But I love playing football being a mean guy and having people not like me. [NewsOK]

I like that Rudolph calls him crazy. That’s how I need my offensive linemen to be. A little bit off. Like this guy.

How Mike Yurcich Prepares

Really fun article here about how Yurcich gets ready for Saturdays.

Explosive offenses are often combated with additional attention and effort from opposing defensive coordinators. Having an open mind while trying to anticipate how opponents will stop the offense is pivotal, Yurcich said.

“When you can figure out what’s coming down the pipe, that’s really important,” Yurcich said. “If you know in your brain how they’ll try to stop you, and you can foresee that and have an answer ready for it, that’s pretty cool.” [O’Colly]

Again, he’s not the best quote, but he’s put together a tremendous machine.

Keep Pounding Justice?

Good stuff here from Guerin Emig on whether Oklahoma State should keep riding No. 5.

Seriously, the dude is a different breed of tough. If the Cowboys keep wanting to hand off to him, he’ll accept the responsibility willingly. But another 25 or 30 times a game? OSU’s recent history shows that’s a lot to ask over the first half of a season, and a little too much over the second. [Tulsa World]

You won’t find a bigger Justice fan than myself, but as much as I love those cutbacks (see below), I wish they’d put him in the stable a little bit in the coming weeks. They have a plenty capable King they can roll out to assert his dominion.

OSU and NCAA News

I love that Gundy zigs when everyone else zagsWe nervous, Kansas? … There is a college basketball player named Seventh Woods (!) … Urban Meyer only makes $6.4M a year? … Cowgirl softball won 14-0 on Wednesday … Baker Mayfield and Sports Illustrated (all of our favorite things!) … Five Thirty Eight explores how OU can make the playoff (per the usual, there will be a lot riding on Bedlam) … Kaylee Jensen named Preseason All-Big 12 (thankfully they didn’t list 28 players like in previous years) … Kiper and McShay have Rudolph going late first or early second round ($).

This was one of the all-timers.

What You Missed on PFB

• Baker Mayfield, in on the joke
• Justice Hill is playing out his childhood fantasy
• Mason Rudolph has never beaten Baylor
• All the stats in the world mean nothing if you don’t win games
• OSU has been subpoenaed by a NYC grand jury (not good!)

More Stuff I’m Reading

• Jordy Nelson and his wife adopted their foster daughter just before the Cowboys game last week.
On books and blogs — this is so, so good.
The art of thinking well

Oh man.

  • OSU Student

    Dark times ahead for the basketball program. Makes me sad, watching that ’04 team make their run to the final four is what made me the cowboy fan I am today. I hope they can get things together relatively soon.

    • Mkobize

      Make that “darker times,” or “more dark times.”

  • larry_baresel

    one of the things most people do not know about a grand jury subpoena is that most of the time, if it does not specify a certain document (by type, date and people/company involved and indicate who should bring it to authenticate it) it is just a fishing expedition. in addition to asking the GJ to be more specific, there are 3 ways to comply with the subpoena OSU got. (1) try to identify anything which might meet the broad descriptions included in the subpoena. the problem with this is that someone at the university certifies that we got everything that might fit. Think anyone that stupid? (2) box every administrative record of every kind from every division of the university during the time period specified in the subpoena no matter how stored (paper or electronic) into 18 wheelers and send to manhattan (my choice since no one will ever look at the records). then certify this is all of our records during that time period. LMFAO. (3) tell GJ send representatives who can have unlimited access to all records and our compliance law firm will insure access and make copies of everything you want for you and tell you who can authenticate. the practical but not too exciting choice. the GJ will probably reject this one because it means representative from them (FBI agents) really has to work.

    the subpoena does not mean they think OSU really has any information about the alleged crimes.

  • Cory H

    The 2013 Baylor game was the most fun I’ve had at a game. The atmosphere was off the charts! I also love those helmets. The black brand logo is my favorite. We don’t use it enough!

  • Tbeezy

    2013 defense was amazing

  • RyanO

    Love that story about Jordy and his family. As silly and insignificant as fantasy football is, I have had him on my teams for the last 4 or 5 years. It has made me into a huge fan of his. Not only is he a super talented player, but he seems like an even better person off the field!

  • kspokesfan

    I think our uniforms should have a badge on the chest to remind Baker he doesn’t have get away from the cops speed.

    • Mkobize

      Let’s just hire the Fayetteville cop himself to hang around Baker’s locker in the visitors locker room and look menacing.