Report: OSU Has Been Subpoenaed by New York Grand Jury

Written by Kyle Cox

According to a report by The Oklahoman, Oklahoma State has received a subpoena from the New York grand jury regarding the investigate of bribery by former associate head basketball coach Lamont Evans.

The subpoena requires that OSU hand over all requested information and evidence to a New York FBI agent by next Tuesday, October 17 or have a representative of the university appear in person in New York at that time to testify.

The subpoena is far-reaching in the types of records being demanded, requesting emails, text messages, cellular phone records, social media messages, computer records and a host of other documents and electronic records covering the time period from Jan. 1, 2014 to the present. [NewOK]

According to report, the FBI is even demanding hand-written notes, financial aid documents, personnel information about Evans and “all documents and communications regarding actual or potential NCAA rules violations relating to the receipt of money, travel, in-kind benefits or services by OSU players and coaches associated with the men’s basketball team …”

It was reported previously that Mike Boynton is not believed to be implicated in any part of the alleged wrongdoing by Evans (he said last Thursday he has slept well). But the FBI, as should be expected, is going to be thorough. The ripples from this investigation will be far-reaching. This is just another step in the long process to reaching a resolution.

  • spokepokes


  • Okstate2011

    Maybe they will find some dirt on Undiewood.

    • OrangeTuono

      So we get slapped with NCAA Sanctions? Yup, could happen…

  • Mkobize

    Is our basketball program under some kind of curse? It just goes on and on.

    • InCN

      This is not new info, it was just now released to the public. The subpoena is part of what we already saw and was placed in September.

      • TLowe

        Exactly. Upon release of the FBI investigation it was assumed we would be subpoenaed. I mean what did people think that entailed?
        It is dated 1 day after the arrest for the 4 assistant coaches was issued.
        The last sentence in this post could be placed at the beginning.

    • David

      I think so.

    • kspokesfan

      Is Ford coming back?

  • oSuJones

    I’m actually more concerned that they might something on Travis Ford….and if they do AND find something on Underwood, then we are in real trouble. I still believe Boynton is safe in this whole thing, but this could go bad quickly

    • Chris Stover

      Underwood we wouldn’t be in big trouble. the guy was here 1 year. So was Lamont EVans. Only one year. I don’t see how we get hit very hard at all. Especially when nearly every major university is cheating to get basketball recruits.

    • Cowboyalum13

      Travis Ford is giggling his ass off under the St. Louis Arch counting his buyout cash.

  • austinpoke

    Well, if there’s anything there, at least it will come to light quickly, and not be the long, drawn out train wreck which is occurring at Baylor.
    I’m a little surprised that the FBI is requesting information on school recruiting violations. The FBI better staff up quickly, because anything they find is par for the course at almost all schools, especially if the shoe companies are involved with a school.

  • Saucy Takes

    Seems like they are fishing 2014???? Lamont Evans wasn’t even a thought for OSU…

    • Shaniac

      I bet they are investigating all current players.

    • Patrick, Orlando

      2014 would probably be in reference to carroll

  • Clint


  • T-Bone

    Since when did kickbacks and paying players become “bribery”? OU has been doing it for decades.

    • zachattachone

      We aren’t accused of paying players (yet), and paying collegiate players isn’t a federal crime. What is a crime, is government employees taking bribes to use their influence over those players to steer them to the briber’s business. Same criminal statute you would use if a company bribed a Department of Defense officer at the pentagon to select their bid for a defense contract.

  • OrangeTuono

    Well hasn’t AD Holder made of sticky stinky mess of the basketball program. And just think that he did everything he could to run off Gundy… Brilliant!

  • Patrick, Orlando

    If we, or any other school, has done what is perceived, then they need to hand out the harshest punishments possible. Do something to clean this AAU crap up. It’s ruining amateur sports.

  • David

    Let’s just get this over with. I’m ready to get back to hoops.

  • Chris Stover

    Basketball recruiting is crazy dirty. Paying players etc. It goes on a most every major university. Sad, but true. Be interesting to see what happens here. If the FBI wanted to really dig, it would span the country. the paying of certain players etc I mean.