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Notes on Mike Boynton’s Press Conference Addressing Lamont Evans



On Thursday Oklahoma State basketball coach Mike Boynton spoke for the first time since news broke last week that his assistant coach Lamont Evans was arrested by the FBI for a bribery scandal and eventually dismissed from OSU as an employee. Here are some notes from the brief chat.

• Oklahoma State director of communications Gary Shutt gave an update on the investigation: “We continue to cooperate fully with the U.S. authorities. We have also hired a compliance group to assist us with the internal review in fulfilling our responsibilities with the NCAA.”

• Shutt said the the “process will take time.” There is no timeline. Won’t be able to comment during the review.

• Shutt repeated what Mike Holder said that these incidents “Violate everything we stand for as an athletic department and university.”

• Compliance group is same one used during Sports Illustrated investigation.

• Boynton said “I never had any suspicions (that this was going on.” Stood by what he said at his press conference about Lamont being like a brother. “I was as shocked as anyone when this happened.”

• Said he learned of it by opening Twitter and seeing headlines.

• Boynton has not had contact with Lamont.

• “It’s a challenge like a lot of other challenges.” Said Evans was somebody who had respect from the players so it’s tough being down staff at this point of the year.

• Said he’s read through every document.

• Said “There’s a lot that we’ll find out over the next few months as the investigation continues.”

• Said “I wish I was here talking about the first season as the head coach and having the opportunity … to represent this university.”

• Said he didn’t think about fearing for his job. Said focus was on his players.

• Said he already talked to his team about distractions. One of their jobs is to eliminate the effect of distractions. “This is a distraction.”

• Said he’s never been involved and never been on a staff that’s been involved “in these types of things.” Said “it’s news to me.” Doesn’t know how deep it goes in the sport.

• Said Keiton Page is taking over some on-the-court coaching duties. Continuing to vet the process and figure out a solution for the team. “Most important thing is to make sure we have the best opportunity to have success this season.”

• Was asked if the FBI has reached out to him. Said “I have not been contacted by anyone.”

• “Recruiting is always hard. I don’t know if it becomes more difficult now.” Said there are always things you have to overcome. Continuing to push the message — great university and program and people in Stillwater really care.

• Said message to parents is same. “What we do as a staff is comfort our players. Help them become really good people. Great men. Leaders in their communities. We do that through basketball a lot of times.” Message is the program will continue to work and strive to be excellent.

• Said players have been greatest sense of relief in this process.

• Hasn’t had time to calculate damage to brand of OSU basketball.

• Wouldn’t speculate on who the player was in the hotel room at WVU.

• Wouldn’t speculate on what Frank Martin said.

• Said to fans: “This is a great program. It has been for a really long time. This is a product they’ll continue to be able to be proud of. Our staff will continue to work to put out a team and a product they can feel good about.”

• Said “I’m trying to be a comforter to my team.” At times like this, he said, is when players really need a coach.

• Likes versatility of the roster.

• Said “I’ve slept well” in regards to how he feels about his position right now. Got a little awkward.

• Doesn’t have a timeline on Davon’s return.

• Said this is “another challenge.” Said it’s the story of his life. Said he understands that he has to rebuild his name even if he’s 100 percent innocent. Has to come “do the job, pour into these players, communicate with their parents that good people are looking out for their children and make sure our administration continues to know we’re doing things the right way.”

• Said he hasn’t felt that he hasn’t received support from Mike Holder. “I’m still here … we’re about to start practice and I’m excited about the opportunity to help these guys prepare for the season.”

• Said “this is pure joy for me. I get to coach college basketball and make a living doing so.” Said he looks forward to it every day.

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