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Daily Bullets (October 14)



Football news

OSU-West Virginia got half the rating OU-Texas got. (NewsOK)

Mike Gundy: ““I’ve never been a fan of (using) two quarterbacks, but I think there’s a need for that with this football team.” (Tulsa World)

Good recognition here by Kyle Fredrickson about how key Zach Sinor was on Saturday. Also, Gundy rocking a favorite quote of mine and Carson’s.“He’s got good work habits and the game is important to him. He puts a lot of time and effort into it.” (NewsOK)

I’m glad Glenn Spencer isn’t on this, but ………………. (Yahoo)

I finally looked at this. I wish I hadn’t. (ESPN)

The two plays that made the difference against WVU. (NewsOK)

Weeden out in Big D

Berry Tramel breaks down his press conference from Sunday.[1. As an aside, how crazy is it that we break down press conferences of folks played to achieve athletic feats for entertainment. I do it. Berry does it. Everyone does it. It’s entertainment. It’s just weird and bizarre when you step back and think about it.] (NewsOK)

And Weeden loses his job. (PFB)

The national reaction to Weeden and Matt Cassel is fun. (Dallas Morning News)

Around the country

Why the HBC is out. (Yahoo)

This is the article you’re looking for, though. The best of all his quotes. (CBS)

Texas dramatically won the battle in the trenches and limited OU to dinks and dunks. You can win a lot of games doing that. (Football Study Hall)

Berry Tramel on why everyone loves Bill Snyder. Really good. He has 15,000 pieces of mail in his office! (NewsOK)

Texas and Nike are close — this is probably for the best. (LGG)

Hoops news

O-State ranked No. 76 in this insanely deep CBS poll. (CBS)

Bill Self in an old OSU jersey and short shorts? Sure! (PFB)

Pistols Firing

Which conference has the best OSU in the country? (PFB)

Carson and I on the podcast talking OSU-WVU and OU-Texas. (PFB)

OSU’s odds to make the College Football Playoff are improving. Now 25/1. (PFB)

How does 2015 J.W. Rudolph compare to 2011 Brandon Weeden? (PFB)

Mike Gundy to USC? Nah. (PFB)

J.W. on close games: “They’re hard on our fans.” (PFB)

Tyreek Hill makes one-handed catch, playfully talks trash to Ryan Simmons. (PFB)

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