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Daily Bullets (October 25)



Homecoming tragedy

David Glidden on saying the Lord’s Prayer on the field before the game: “It’s definitely a moment I’ll remember forever. I just wish I didn’t have to.” (NewsOK)

Mike Gundy leads team in Lord’s Prayer. Awesome. (PFB)

But for all three of those tragedies to involve one school in such a short amount of time? That feels like the definition of inexplicable. Unbelievable, too. (NewsOK)

Here are the names of the victims. So many kids. (Tulsa World)

I thought OU was awesome all day. From Stoops on, they were incredibly supportive. (PFB)

Father of woman arrested: “That’s not who she is.” (PFB)

The first photo in here … my goodness. (Tulsa World)

Great stuff from Brandon Chatmon trying to wrap up a senseless day. (ESPN)

OU flew an OSU flag in Norman, too. (PFB)

Here are the front covers.

Wrapping up Kansas

I kind of like the 4-wheeler name for Walsh. By the way, Mike Yurcich sort of admitted what Evan Epstein said on the podcast last week — that his offensive line’s problem was attitude. (NewsOK)

Superlatives from the game. (PFB)

Miketavius trying to get himself into the end zone is hilarious. (O’Colly)

Some great photos from the game. (okstate)

Notebook on OSU-Kansas. (PFB)

Around the country

Seth Russell might be out for a while, guys. (CBS)

Florida State had its own little Kick 6 last night and it was spectacular. (CBS)

Derrick Henry victory cigar with Nick Saban. (CBS)

Down goes Bill Snyder! (CBS)

Pokes in the pros

Dez is out today. (Dallas Morning News)

More Pistols Firing

That James Washington catch, guys, my gosh. (PFB)

J.W. Walsh: “We all have each other’s backs.” (PFB)

10 thoughts on OSU’s big win. (PFB)

Kansas’ coach: “Oklahoma State, they’re made up of some resilient folks.” (PFB)

Glenn Spencer: “It wouldn’t have upset me if they said we’re not playing.” (PFB)

Mike Gundy speaks candidly about the Homecoming tragedy. (PFB)

Players react to an emotional day in Stillwater. (PFB)

So … Greg Adkins was up tweeting some really strange things really late last night. (PFB)

The sunset over Stillwater was unreal. (PFB)

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