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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (October 27)



Homecoming tragedy

Here’s a story on Nikita Nakal (who hasn’t gotten very much coverage). (Stillwater Newspress)

Mike Gundy was on ESPN on Monday talking about the parade. (ESPN)

KD and Russell visited victims on Monday. (PFB)

So did J.W., Mason and several others. (PFB)

On Saturday, for OSU fans desperate for answers that will never come, Gundy might have become this generation’s Eddie Sutton. (Tulsa World)

First-hand account from someone who was there. (HCS)

Adacia Chambers was apparently trying to commit suicide. (PFB)

Her bail is set at $1 million. (PFB)

Texas played the OSU alma mater at its bell tower. (PFB)

Football news

Mike Yurcich talks about violating the eyes of linebackers here with a new-found run game. (NewsOK)

OSU has won three straight in Lubbock. (NewsOK)

This is cool.

Around the league

Mark Mangino, gone. (LGG)

Who was the best QB in the Big 12 last week? (LGG)

Recruiting news

Hey, OSU offered a sophomore QB from Southmoore. (PFB)

Pokes in the pros

Dez had a good workout. Rinse, repeat. (Dallas Morning News)

Hoops news

Leyton Hammonds has been trying to hype himself up while playing video games in hopes it will carry over to the basketball court. (Tulsa World)

Travis Ford and his team re-create Macklemore’s “Downtown.” (PFB)

More pistols firing

OSU now has the third-longest winning streak in school history. (PFB)

J.W. Walsh’s efficiency right now is off the charts. (PFB)

TCU game is at 2:30. Booooooooo! (PFB)

Kansas’ coach compares OSU’s defensive line to Bama’s 2012 title team. (PFB)

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