Daily Bullets (October 6)

Written by Kyle Porter
More Questions, Few Answers

Good column by Bill Haisten on the Mike Boynton presser on Thursday.

So when Boynton says that more discoveries are lurking, he’s probably correct. Who know what will happen next, and to whom? Boynton also insists that he has slept peacefully since Sept. 26, which would suggest that the Oklahoma State coach is blessed with peace of mind.

When this situation is totally resolved, will Boynton and OSU have been damaged a little or a lot? Time will tell. [Tulsa World]

I like Boynton — quite a bit actually — and he was fine on Thursday, but there were a few moments that were a bit unsettling. The one that might have stood out most to me was him saying that he hasn’t felt like he hasn’t had Mike Holder’s support. Double negatives are never good with the FBI involved.

TCU doubled down on speed

Good stuff here from my pal Ian Boyd on how TCU is doubling down on what it’s always done and why it’s working.

It’s essential to the TCU defensive system that they be able to allow the front six and either end of the secondary to play in isolation to create diverse play calls and engender aggressive play. To get away with it though they needed guys in the secondary that can hold up against deep routes without getting burned for 800 yards and 60 points against spread teams that can throw deep.

That has meant going even smaller and faster on defense for Gary Patterson. If they can keep it up and allow their own team speed to be the defining factor in Big 12 play this season, perhaps they’ll be the real contender to Oklahoma that we all thought Oklahoma State would be. [Football Study Hall]

The above basically sums up what they did against OSU, and OSU should have an intermediate answer … but it didn’t.

Todd McShay Moves Rudolph Into Top 32

And he did this after the TCU game which he attended (of all games!)

Rudolph improved upon a good 2015 campaign with a better 2016, throwing for more than 4,000 yards with 28 touchdowns and only four interceptions. He has the frame (listed at 6-foot-4, 233 pounds) and mental makeup that you look for, but his below-average arm strength is a concern. With 16 passing TDs to only four INTs, along with five rushing TDs, he has had an impressive start to the season. [ESPN – $$]

OSU and NCAA News

Peter Uihlein is a hot pick to win PGA Tour ROY (it would actually be an upset if he didn’t win it) … Mason Rudolph thinks people disrespect his running ability … Good recap of OSU’s season here through (almost) the halfway point … Zach Crabtree remains one of the best quotes in recent memory … Alabama has beaten SEC teams 125-3 this year (we don’t want Bama) … Joel Lanning as the best pure football player in the B12?

Very cool.

What are you doing OU?!

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Amazing quote here: “Scratching an itch is a route to pleasure. Learning to productively live with an itch is part of happiness.”

  • kspokesfan

    The OU fans that always say our uniforms are too flashy and we like ours because it’s “Tradition” are going to love these. “We will never change our uniforms!” I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this… Watch how quickly they turn.

    • Chris Saxon

      The media are suddenly acting like they haven’t been banging the tradition over uni choices drum for years. So funny. Now alt unis are awesome. Btw. Wood grain is bad.

    • Bennie Owen

      Meanwhile… 86–18–7.

      • kspokesfan

        How did that arrogance work out for you yesterday?

  • Tayvl

    What exactly is different about that OU uniform? The neckline?

    • J.B.

      I see a lot of scraped knees in the future of OU football.

  • Nicholas D.

    “Mason Rudolph thinks people disrespect his running ability.” Good.

  • Saucy Takes

    AD Holder really has only supported coach Ford when it comes to revenue generating sports.

  • Jawbreaker

    I wouldn’t expect Byonton to have Holders full support. Boynton vouched for Evans as hard as anyone could vouch for another guy when he was hired.

  • maarek

    I just realized that Steven hasn’t been doing the Daily Bullets all week. Is he on vaca?

  • Chris Saxon

    Two gift Turnovers. A free TD that wasn’t. Any of which doesn’t happen and OSU likely wins the game. OSU outgained TCU but team speed was the difference? If OSU just limited themselves to 3 turnovers they probably win. OSU and the refs beat OSU. TCU was the recipient of good fortune. OSU wins a rematch going away.

  • Chris Saxon

    If Boyton was a known commodity the gooner media machine would be calling for his head.

  • Chris Saxon

    The Pokes put up 500 yards in 20 minutes but TCUs team speed is the difference. Hilarious.

  • Chris Saxon

    OSU starts two backups on the right side of line due to injury but TCUS team speed is the difference. Forced 4 turnovers??? The same way McDonalds forces me to eat their fries. This is so agenda driven revision. What’s the highest TV rated critical first Big XII championship game? Ou Tex? True but not possible. Next best? Ou TCU. Thought it was weird when I saw pockets of folks touting TCU having a better chance of winning league than OSU. After watching that game it’s clear the TCU OU matchup is the goal.