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Daily Bullets: OSU could go with two-QB system

Good Josh Stewart story, Travis Ford talks to Andy Katz, and Gundy doesn’t think OSU is that far off.




It’s really starting to sound like a two-QB system. I usually think that’s awful but it might not be in this instance. (Scout)

On Josh Stewart’s life struggles. Good work by Jimmie Tramel. (Tulsa World)

Josh Stewart is Big 12 special teams player of the week. (OSU Tumblr)

Interesting: Tracy Moore thought both guys were going to play all along. (NewsOK)

Gundy doesn’t think OSU is that far off. (Tulsa World)

Berry thinks the AP poll has it right on OSU. I don’t really think anybody has it right. (NewsOK)

Kliff still wants to play! (B/R)


This should all end very well. (NewsOK)

Florida State-Bama would be unreal, which means it’ll never happen. (Big Lead)

It’s weird that Kansas State is in last place. I think it’s better than that. (NewsOK)

Why Baylor won’t go undefeated. (B/R)

Childs won’t be the starter but he needs to play a lot. (CRFF)

Here’s the Stewart punt return and Gus Johnson’s call. (PFB)

EDSBS on the Grove…magic. (EDSBS)


Evaluating the preseason coaches poll for the Big 12. (Rush the Court)

Marcus Smart is all in with this Andrew Wiggins thing. (USA Today)

Some sick photos from Friday night. It looks like a Super Bowl halftime show. (Flickr)

No. 6 player in Texas is equivalent to, what, No. 1 player in Oklahoma? Better? (NewsOK)

…you can almost see him hunched over in a defense stance, clapping his hands, smiling at Wiggins as Gallagher Iba rattles at the hinges around him. (ESPN)

The CBS guys did a fantasy draft and Marcus Smart went second. (CBS Sports)

There are few (if any) starting fives in the Big 12 that can match Oklahoma State’s, man-for-man, but the Cowboys could use some more depth in the frontcourt. (Sports Illustrated)

Travis Ford talks to Andy Katz at the 12:00-minute mark here. (ESPN)

Hey it’s been on PFB for three days, but whatever. (NewsOK)


Good article on Tim Burke who does all the GIFs for Deadspin. (New York Times)

Speaking of GIFs, I watched this one of Andy Reid as the Kool-Aid man like 9238232 times. (Deadspin)

A man was held hostage at Augusta 30 years ago. (ESPN)

Tech wealth and ideas are headed to news. (New York Times)

Baseball fall world series starts today. (okstate)

OSU is one of the 20 happiest colleges in the country. Murphy’s will do that to you. (okstate)

This of Brett McMurphy’s daughter is terrific.

This was amazing!

Great story here.

Full Gundy presser.

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